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Absurdly Large Musical Instruments

 Not everybody knows this, but most musical instruments have an alternative version of them for the different edges of the musical range. All together they make up a family. For example, the violin and the cello are different pitched musical instruments of the same family - the bow instruments. They look the same and share similar anatomy, but their musical range is completely different.
As a rule, the larger the instrument, the lower its pitch, and it will usually be named bass or contrabass. For example, a bass guitar as opposed to just a guitar. The same works in the opposite direction: the smaller the size, the higher the pitch and the instrument will usually be called soprano. 
Here are some absurdly large contrabass wind instruments, and an unusually small one. 

1. World's Largest Tuba

2. Contrabass Bassoon

3. Contrabass Recorder (On the Left)

4. Ultrabass Ocarina

5. Contrabass Saxophone

6. Double-Contrabass Flute

7. Hyperbass Flute

8. Soprano Trombone (Usually a Very Low Pitched Instrument)

9. Sub Contrabass Trumpet

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