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Which of These Crazy Cars Would You Like to Drive?

 Cars come in all shapes and sizes. Some are so snazzy and classy and are meant to rule the roads. Some, however, are designed in such peculiar ways that they make you scratch your heads. Take a look at some of the crazy cars we have presented below, for example. Some of them have unusually long bicycle-type wheels and some are shaped like a tank. And then there's one that's a combination of a limo and a motorcycle! But even though they may look a little wacky, you can’t deny that riding these unusual cars would be so much fun!

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1. That's a cool car... but how does it ply on the road with those tires? 

Weird Cars, tires

2. No prizes for guessing what their favorite color is

Weird Cars, pink

3. When you really wanted to make your car look big

Weird Cars,

4. An unusual car on top of an unusual car...

Weird Cars,

5. We really want to know what's the purpose of that design?

Weird Cars,

6. Nice wheels! 

Weird Cars, wheels

7. Wait, is that a car or a tank?

Weird Cars, tank

8. That... looks rather uncomfortable

Weird Cars,

9. Okay, what's going on with those wheels? 

Weird Cars, wheels

10. This one's always in a cheery mood

Weird Cars,

11. Limo-Bike, a combination of a motorcycle and a limo found on the streets of London

Weird Cars, Limo-Bike,

12. That's a strong-looking car, isn't it? 

Weird Cars,

13. Aw, that's so cute! 

Weird Cars, cute car

14. Ouch! 

Weird Cars,

15. Wouldn't it be so cool riding this?

Weird Cars, solo-driver car

16. Now that's one model you don't often see on the roads! 

Weird Cars, vintage
All images source: Izismile
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