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Which One Of These Strange Buildings Is Your Favorite?

 You might have blown away by the many beautiful skyscrapers you have seen in your city, but today we present a collection of some of the most unique buildings in the world. These structures – some in the shape of a cat and some that look like a crab– are unique and cool in their own way. Some of the buildings here, in fact, have stunning architecture and have even been awarded for it. We bet you won’t find such unique-looking buildings every day.

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1. A cat-shaped kindergarten in Germany

Unusual & Weird Buildings, kindergarten
Image source: Reddit

2. Pavilion of the Enlightened, Thailand

Unusual & Weird Buildings, Pavilion of the Enlightened, ThailandImage source: Reddit

3. The National Carpet Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan

Unusual & Weird Buildings, National Carpet Museum
Image source: Reddit

4. Unique housing in the Netherlands

Unusual & Weird Buildings, housing in the Netherlands
Image source: Reddit

5. Entire rooms were discovered hidden inside this massive 16th-Century ‘Colossus’ sculpture in Florence, Italy

Unusual & Weird Buildings, Colossus
Image source: Reddit

6. This building in Guizhou, China, has such a unique structure

Unusual & Weird Buildings, building in Guizhou, China
Image source: Reddit

7. 'The Interlace' building in Singapore. It was awarded the "World Building of the Year" title at the 2015 World Architecture Festival for its intelligent architecture.

Unusual & Weird Buildings,  'The Interlace' building in Singapore.
Image source: Reddit

8. This hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey, has been designed in the shape of a comfortable cave

Unusual & Weird Buildings, hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey
Image source: Reddit

9. An ecology center in China that's shaped like a crab

Unusual & Weird Buildings, The Department Of Fisheries in Hyderabad
Image source: Reddit

10. Doesn't this look like a cozy cottage from a fantasy film?

Unusual & Weird Buildings,  cozy cottage
Image source: Reddit

11. A beautiful Chilean shipping company building in Valparaíso, Chile

Unusual & Weird Buildings,  Chilean shipping company building
Image source: Reddit

12. The Mōka Station building in Japan has been made in the shape of a locomotive 

Unusual & Weird Buildings, Mōka Station
Image source: Reddit

13. An Original 1930’s Shell Gas Station in North Carolina, US

Unusual & Weird Buildings,  Shell Gas Station
Image source: Reddit

14. The Tower of the Sun skyscraper in Kazakhstan. This high-rise building is suspended across the River Ishim and connects two large parks located on either side of the river via a bridge

Unusual & Weird Buildings, The Tower of the Sun skyscraper
Image source: Reddit

15. Tianzi Hotel, China

Unusual & Weird Buildings,  Tianzi Hotel, China
Image source: Reddit
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