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These Photos Celebrate the Beauty and Drama of Nature

 The Tokyo International Foto Awards provides an opportunity for talented professional and amateur photographers from around the world to showcase their talent. The competition, which highlights the many wonderful colors of nature, announced its winners recently. Here, we have presented some of the best winning images from the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020. These stunningly beautiful photos will once again make you marvel at the miracle that is Mother Nature

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1. Summer Fairies (Nature, Gold).

Photographer: Kazuaki Koseki

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Fairies
Fireflies fly around a summer forest in Japan.

2. Heaven On Earth (Nature, Gold). 

Photographer: Saowanee Suntararak

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Heaven On Earth
A beautiful scene from Mt.Fuji in Japan with red maple leaves during autumn.

3. Kiss (Nature/Wildlife, Gold). 

Photographer: Hong Chen

Tokyo International Foto Awards, giraffe
A tender moment between a mother giraffe and her newly born calf in Masai Mara, Kenya.

4. Pray For Earth (Nature/Landscapes, Gold). 

Photographer: Roksolyana Hilevych

Tokyo International Foto Awards, northern lights
A stunning shot from somewhere around the Gimsoya Islands in Norway.

5. A Sheep (Nature/Animals, 1st Place). 

Photographer: Claudia Guido

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Sheep
This sheep in Tuscany appears to be surrounded by cloudlike bodies!

6. The Philosopher (Nature/Pets, Gold). 

Photographer: Mariko Klug

Tokyo International Foto Awards,  dog enjoys the view over a frozen lake
A dog enjoys the view over a frozen lake.

7. Ribbon Dance (Nature/Aerial, 1st Place). 

Photographer: Richard Li

Tokyo International Foto Awards, aerial shot of flamingos flying over Lake Magadi in Kenya.
An amazing aerial shot of flamingos flying over Lake Magadi in Kenya.

8. Swamps' Colors (Nature/Trees, Gold). 

Photographer: Mauro Battistelli

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Swamp
Incredible colors of a Texas swamp in the late autumn.

9. Silent Hills (Nature/Trees, Gold). 

Photographer: Manfred Zobrist

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Hills
Gentle snow-covered hills with single trees in Central Switzerland.

10. Fishermen Of The Mangroves (Fine Art, 1st Place). 

Photographer: Les Sharp

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Fishermen
A couple of fishermen in Xiapu, China, fish with hand nets, an ancient tradition has all but disappeared.

11. Roaring Storm (Nature/Seasons, Gold). 

Photographer: Alexandru Popovski

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Storm
An image of a storm cell moving towards the Island in the Florida Keys.

12. Keyhole (Fine Art/Landscape, Bronze). 

Photographer: Craig Bill

Tokyo International Foto Awards, ice cave
An ice cave in Alaska's Matanuska Glacier.

13. Quiver Tree At Night (Nature/Trees, Silver). 

Photographer: Gigi Williams

Tokyo International Foto Awards,  against the starlit sky.
The amazing quiver trees in Namibia look even more magnificent against the starlit sky.

14. Underwater Gannets (Nature/Animals, Gold). 

Photographer: Tracey Lund

Tokyo International Foto Awards, Gannets
Gannets (large white seabirds) feed underwater in Shetland, Scotland.

15. Sundown Theatre (Nature/Sunset, Gold). 

Photographer: Bence Máté

Tokyo International Foto Awards, elephants
A pair of backlit elephants during a sunset.
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