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Incredibly Cool Accidental Optical Illusions

 The world sometimes has a funny way of fooling us. Coming across an object or a view that looks like something completely different can sometimes be a confusing or strange experience, but once our brains comprehend what’s going on, it’s actually kind of cool. The following photo collection is sure to provide you with that experience as it is full of such accidental optical illusions caught on camera. From birds that look like pine cones to pebbles resembling eggs, prepare to be surprised!

1. The black cat looks like the white cat's shadowAccidental Optical Illusions, black and white cat

Image Source: Reddit

2. A frozen spider web that looks like knitting

Accidental Optical Illusions frozen spiderweb

Image Source: Facebook

3. Pattern on a rock looks like Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Accidental Optical Illusions, starry night

Image Source: Reddit

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4. The Forest Tent Caterpillar Moth (Malacosoma Disstria) looks like it’s wearing a penguin sweater

Accidental Optical Illusions, penguins on caterpillar

Image Source: Demilked

5. A Window with rain on it looks like a planet surrounded by millions of starsAccidental Optical Illusions, rain on window

Image Source: Reddit

6. Trees with Christmas lights under the snow look like a rocket launch

Accidental Optical Illusions, trees that look like rocket launch

Image Source: Reddit

7. The moon covered by a cloud makes it look like Saturn

Accidental Optical Illusions, moon looks like saturn

Image Source: Instagram

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8. A baby bird that looks like a pinecone

Accidental Optical Illusions, bird looks like pinecorn

Image Source: Reddit

9. The wings of the Atlas Moth look like snakesAccidental Optical Illusions, moth wings look like snakes

Image Source: Flickr

10. The snow piled on this car looks like a fluffy blanket

Accidental Optical Illusions, snow looks like cloth

Image Source: Reddit

11. A window that looks like a painting

Accidental Optical Illusions, window looks like painting

Image Source: Reddit

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12. A sleeping white cat that looks exactly like a bowl of flour

Accidental Optical Illusions, cat looks like flour

Image Source: Reddit

13. This cooling system becomes a set of giant LEGO bricks in the snow

Accidental Optical Illusions, cooling system lego bricks

Image Source: Reddit

14. Morro Rock looks like a pile of gold during sunrise

Accidental Optical Illusions, morro rock pile of gold

Image Source: Reddit

15. The inside of acoustic guitars look like luxury apartments

Accidental Optical Illusions, inside of acoustic guitar

Image Source: Reddit

16. This Baby turtle's shell looks just like a sombrero

Accidental Optical Illusions, turtle sombrero

Image Source: Reddit

17. These purple potatoes appear very gemstone-like

Accidental Optical Illusions, purple potato gemstones

Image Source: Reddit

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