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These Cute DIY Forts Are Perfect Habitats for Your Cats

Cats, while often independent creatures, still crave attention and love. Various cat owners have different ways to show affection to their feline friends. One sure-fire way to impress your family cat is to make them a comfortable and cool home. The collection of pictures below is from cat owners worldwide who have fashioned awesome forts and castles out of cardboard boxes for their lovable pets.
These DIY forts are quite creative and ingenious and are perfect habitats for the cats to spend their solo time in. Take a close look at these pictures and maybe you will find some inspiration to create some cool castle for your pet, too.

1. Cat of Thrones 

Homemade Cat Forts cat of thrones
Image credit: naver

2. The cat version of the MGM lion logo

Homemade Cat Forts MGM logo
Image credit: skar1983/ Reddit

3. The cat's lair

Homemade Cat Forts  The cat's lair
Image credit: prefabcat/ Instagram 

4. A dragon-shaped house for the cat to rule in

Homemade Cat Forts  dragon-shaped house
Image credit: prefabcat/ Instagram 

5. Seems like she doesn't want to share her castle with anyone!

Homemade Cat Forts possessive

6. How many pets can boast of forts being named after them?

Homemade Cat Forts Ralph

7. All set to catch some mice...

Homemade Cat Forts sniper

8. Now that's one creative and multi-dimensional fort!

Homemade Cat Forts big fort
Image credit: mnhaverland/ Reddit

9. "What are you looking at? Get away from my castle, human!"

Homemade Cat Forts cat bed
Image credit: zephito/ Reddit

10. All set to rule... over dogs

Homemade Cat Forts corgis
Image credit: erbn/ Imgur

11. "Hmm... I wonder when dinner will be served!"

Homemade Cat Forts dinner
Image credit: tiicky/ Instagram 

12. "Please... We really don't feel like coming out today."

Homemade Cat Forts lazy cats
Image credit: Demilked

13. The emperor is coming... from his pagoda! 

Homemade Cat Forts pagoda
Image credit: Nat_Log3982/ Reddit

14. Now that's a proper Medieval fort!

Homemade Cat Forts  fort
Image credit: TheRealTourner/ Reddit

15. My fort, my rules!

Homemade Cat Forts Meiko
Image credit: Demilked
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