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17 Well-Preserved Fossils Reveal the Glory of Nature

 Deep within the rocks lie the remnants of a different world, a world full of sinister creatures like terrifying megalodon sharks, creepy-crawly trilobites, and giant dinosaurs. That world is now long gone, but the ground we stand on still holds their remains and if we look closely, we might just uncover some of them right beneath our feet. Some of the incredibly well-preserved fossils we’ll show you below were such unexpected and fortunate finds, take a look at them and learn more about these mysterious creatures of the past.

1. A selection of fossilized great white shark teeth from all over the world

Cool Fossils white shark teeth
Image Source: Reddit

2. A praying mantis cast in amber about 12 million years ago

3. Huge 16 cm (6.34") shark tooth belonging to the extinct megalodon shark found in South Carolina. Just imagine the size of this fearsome animal!

Cool Fossils megalodon
Image Source: Reddit

4. A Pleuroceras fossil found in Germany estimated to be 190 million years old. These animals belong to the class of Ammonites, which are extinct marine mollusks 

Cool Fossils Pleuroceras
Image Source: Reddit

5. Two trilobites, which are some of the earliest arthropods in history that inhabited the seas 542 million years ago

Cool Fossils trilobites
Image Source: Acidcow

6. Knightia, a prehistoric fish that once lived throughout North America and Asia. This specific fish apparently died in the middle of a poop, which also got fossilized

Cool Fossils Knightia
Image Source: Acidcow

7. "My 7-year-old daughter dropped a rock and found this" - proof that fossils can be found anywhere

Cool Fossils rock
Image Source: Acidcow

8. A Tyrannosaurus Rex jawbone available to see and touch at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Cool Fossils Tyrannosaurus Rex jawbone
Image Source: Acidcow

9. A fossilized tadpole with legs

Cool Fossils tadpole with legs
Image Source: Reddit

10. A very cute-looking trilobite fossil that's estimated to be about 500 million years old!

Cool Fossils 500 million years old trilobite
Image Source: Acidcow

11. A fossilized Pleurosaur found in Germany. These were flying reptiles that lived on Earth between 228 and 66 million years ago

Cool Fossils
Image Source: Acidcow

12. Keichousaurus hui, an extinct species of marine reptile that has gone extinct over 200 million years ago

Cool Fossils Keichousaurus hui
Image Source: Reddit

13. Partial skull of a great white shark that includes 222 teeth and 45 vertebrae

Cool Fossils Carcharodon carcharias
Image Source: Reddit

14. A cool stingray fossil

Cool Fossils stingray
Image Source: Acidcow

15. The "youngest" of the specimens on this list - a mammoth's tooth found on Essex beach in England that's estimated to be 10,000-20,000 years old

Cool Fossils mammoth's tooth
Image Source: Acidcow

16. Walliserops trifurcatus, a very creepy species of trilobite with a characteristic trident appendage growing out of their heads, the function of which is poorly understood

Cool Fossils Walliserops trifurcatus
Image Source: Acidcow

17. This is an extremely well-preserved 345 million-year-old fossil of a Crinoid, an archaic sea animal that's a distant relative of sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and starfish

Cool Fossils Crinoid
Image Source: Reddit
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