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These Pics Bring out Antarctica’s Luminescent Qualities

 Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. It is famously known as "the land of snow and ice" as the continent is almost always covered in thick sheets of ice that can reach up to an average of 2,450m (8038 ft). It is because of this reason, though, that Antarctica has one of the most dazzling landscapes in the world. The gleaming white expanse and the ice drifts make for spectacular and alluring views that many photographers attempt to capture.
Australian photographer Leah Kennedy has spent some time in the cold and dry terrains of Antarctica and tried to bring out its luminous side. She has captured the dramatic and intriguing landscape of the place through her lens and presented its sculptural beauty with glowing blue tones. The photographer also hopes that through her pictures, the fragility of the continent and its slowly vanishing environment will be brought to light again. Check out some of the best photographs of the breathtaking Antarctican landscapes by Leah Kennedy below.
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