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12 Pictures Showcase Impeccable Animal Sculptures!

 Working with plain white paper as an art medium may sound boring, but when done right, a paper art creation is sure to blow everyone’s socks off! For example, these 12 layered and incredibly detailed animal sculptures by Patrick Cabral, an artist from Manila are a sight to behold! The artist spends around 3 months on average planning and cutting out each layer of these intricately-decorated artworks and then combines them together in a multilayered piece that consists of hundreds of separately handcrafted elements. The size of these impressive wildlife decorations varies, with the largest of the pieces - the lion wearing a crown - being 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall!
View more of Patrick Cabral's paper creations by visiting his Instagram page.

1. Octopus

Patrick Cabral paper wildlife Octopus

2. Bobcat (left) and Crowned Lion (right)

3. Horses

4. Elephant

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5. A closer look at one of the artworks

6. Bird

7. Cow

8. Rhinoceros

9. Tortoise

10. Panda

11. Armadillo

12. A Rooster Fight

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