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10 Tips to Being Your Own Best Friend

 There is a stark difference between being lonely and being alone. Loneliness is a negative feeling of isolation, sadness, and overall lack. But being alone does not have to be lonely- on the contrary! Alone time can be cultivated and made enjoyable and peaceful. You can turn the hours spent on your own into a time of recharge and growth, rather than waiting for the next ‘thing’ to happen. 

Hopefully, these 11 tips on how to make the most of your alone time will inspire your Me Time habits.
1. Shift the Narrative
Shift the Narrative

As a society, we are conditioned to value socializing. Having friends and spending time with them is a sign you’re someone… well, worth having as a friend. I don’t mean to take away from the importance of friendships, just to note that wanting to spend time by yourself is perfectly normal and necessary. Most people are introverted to some degree or another, so the first step to embracing your alone time is letting go of the stigma attached to it.

2. Schedule the Time

Schedule the Time
For some people, the packed schedule of everyday commitments just doesn’t have enough space for quality me time. If that is the case, you can add it to the agenda, just like you would do for a lunch date with a friend. That way, you give your alone time a place of importance, and it is not just a filler between events. It is a conscious choice you are making for your own wellbeing. 
3. Stay Away from Social Media
 Stay Away from Social Media
One of the biggest mood killers (and time-wasters), when you’re relaxing by yourself, is social media. Seeing what others are up to or checking emails might interrupt your peace of mind. If you have already made the time to enjoy your own company, you would do yourself a favor by putting your phone aside for a bit. 
4.  Get Creative
Get Creative
Being on your own is the perfect time to let your thoughts wander. We rarely have the capacity to think freely without any external interruptions. Give your thoughts and ideas an outlet by practicing your creative field of choice. It might be journaling, painting, cooking, playing an instrument, or even small house repairs. Being creative is one of the most satisfying feelings there is.
5. Talk and Listen to Yourself
Talk and Listen to Yourself
The time you spend alone gives you the chance to process things that happened while you were out there in the social world. Pay attention to the thoughts and emotions that come up, that you may not have noticed before. This awareness can make you feel more present and engaged in your upcoming social interactions, too.
6. Plan Ahead
Plan Ahead
Reflecting can often lead to thoughts about the future. Plan your day, week or year. Maybe even your next trip. Figure out what your personal goals are and how you would go about attaining them. Take care of short-term goals first, and then make sure you’re on the right track for long term ones.
7. Go Out and About
Go Out and About
There is something very liberating and special about doing something you would normally do with others, by yourself. Go to the movies, go out to dinner, or visit a museum. No one will ask for ‘a bit’ of your fries, or argue on what film to watch. It might be scary at first, and some of us can feel self-conscious about being in public spaces on our own. It might help to remind yourself that people are not as engaged with you as you think. They’re just doing their own thing, the same as you. 
8. Observe
If you have decided to go out and grab a coffee, or any other ‘outside’ activity, don’t take out your phone or tablet and pretend to be busy. Look around you, people- watch, look at the sky and the street. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll notice. 
9. Learn Something New
Learn Something New
We all need to rest sometimes, but avoid spending all your time alone in idleness. Always wanted to learn a language or how to play an instrument? There is no better time to start! Using your alone time to learn a new skill is fulfilling and important.  
10. Be Silly
be silly
Do all of the things that you probably wouldn’t do with someone around. Sing, dance, walk around with no pants on. The best thing about living alone, or at least spending an evening alone, is having that freedom. 
11. Realize You Are Self Sufficient 
Realize You Are Self Sufficient 
One of the biggest upsides to getting comfortable with your own company is that it makes you more attractive to others! Learning how to rely on yourself leads to a feeling of independence and confidence. There is nothing wrong with relying on your loved ones when you need to, but relying on yourself is an invaluable skill.
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