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A Cheerful Collection for Christmas

 It's finally here, a Christmas-themed collection the whole family can enjoy, full of fun little games, quizzes, Christmas-themed reads and photos that will share the festive joy and cheer. Just choose your favorites, be it some memorable Christmas moment, the most beautiful picturesque festive locations, or the surprising history of Christmas carols, and don't forget to share it with your loved ones.
Christmas is said to be a time of love, cheer, and human compassion. These photos may be decades-old, but the stories they tell are not much different than the stories of today.
I didn't know there were so many Christmas-themed world records! Some of these are amazing achievements, while others are just amusing. Here are 18 Christmas-themed world records.
Christmas is a holiday celebrated in countless countries around the world. And because each country has its own culture, they also have unusual traditions, practices, and myths that are specific for this blessed feast. Here are 15 weird Christmas traditions from around the world that you may have never heard of!
Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year for us humans but it's a Christmas for cats too! Watch all 8 of the hilarious Simon's Cat Christmas Specials there have been to date, and as an added bonus see Simon working in the studio for the first time, as he shows you just how he makes his wonderful cartoons.
Christmas "tis the season to be jolly," but you'll probably be surprised to discover that many of the details you have heard about history's first Christmas are completely wrong. Here are eight things that we bet you didn't know about the first Christmas.
Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Christmas trees, and that's why some countries around the world tend to have no trouble exaggerating when it comes to planting them around large cities and squares. Below, you'll find 21 absolutely outstanding Christmas trees that'll put most others to shame!
Think you've got enough Christmas spirit in you to take on our fabulously festive Christmas trivia quiz? You'll be tested on your knowledge of Santa and his reindeer, festive films and songs, as well as the origins of this magical time. Give it a go and see how you fare!
Christmas carols have been around for so long that everyone is completely used to their presence. Yet, have you ever actually stopped to think about how they got there in the first place? Many of the iconic and timeless carols you know have a fascinating and surprising origin. Read on to learn more.
Do you enjoy a good one-liner? If you do, then there's no need to tell you Christmas is the perfect time for them. Here are 25 hilarious Christmas one-liners.
The 12 cities we list in this article, big or small, all have one thing in common - they are the leaders of winter holiday decorations and celebrations, which makes them the absolute best cities to visit and admire during the winter holidays.
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