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Stunning Photos of Wild Animals

 Most of us never have the chance to see wild animals in their own, natural habitat, which is fine because, unlike the previous generations, we have photography and videography to show them to us in full beauty and glory. Admire these stunning animals in our vast collection of some of the best wildlife photos of the decade, and don't forget to share this unchallenged beauty with your family and friends!
The Natural History Museum has released the winning pictures from their annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, and as ever there are some stunning photos capturing all elements of the natural world. The images inside represent just a small number of the incredible photos submitted to the competition, and the best images are now on display at the museum in London, England.
For the past 25 years, British Photographer Christopher Swann has captured stunning shots of cetaceans like whales and dolphins, both beneath and above the surface of the ocean. Swann has become finely attuned to the behaviors of these majestic creatures. Doing so has enabled him to venture close to them for intimate shots. Take a look at his stunning photo collection inside. 
Nature is filled with animals. Some are majestic, some colorful, some bizarre, some cute, but all wonderful in their own way. Along with the more common animals, we can find more exotic species, with unique colors, pelts, shapes, and sizes. These exotic animals are a sight to behold, as you’ll see in these perfect examples of animal photography done right.
Since a young age, Robert has been fascinated with the natural world. Now, alongside his family, he travels the world capturing the beauty of the animal kingdom. The talented 13-year-old shares his wildlife photography on his Instagram page and people are loving them. Take a look at some of his best photographs.
In a ceremony held at the Natural History Museum, London, results of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest were revealed, and the winning photos are worth all the attention they can get. Take a look.
Year after year, the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT) holds their ‘European Wildlife Photographer of the Year' competition. Each edition of this contest always proves to be better than the ones that came before it, and 2017 is certainly no exception. Below you'll find 20 of the most fascinating entries that are guaranteed to further reinforce your love for nature.
Have you ever seen a creature that looked so weird and unique that you weren't sure if you were actually looking at an alien or something that belongs on our planet? If not, then you're in for a big surprise, since below you'll find a collection of 15 weird and wonderful creatures that are too wonderful for words! Take a look.
London's Natural History Museum has just announced the winners of the 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, and they're no less than utterly mesmerizing. There's nothing quite like nature captured on film in all its glory, so without further ado, go ahead and enjoy these spectacular images.
It's no easy task finding and photographing these dangerous animals, but Matthijs Kuijpers, a Dutch photographer, has spent the last 27 years doing just that. As a result, we are lucky enough to see gorgeous and careful photos of some of the most dangers, and rare, cold-blooded animals out there. If you love these photos, check out his campaign to publish a book of these incredible animals, or check out his Instagram!
Capturing the individual personality of any subject in a photo is an incredibly challenging task for a photographer. But Goran Anastasovski isn’t just any photographer, he’s a real pro, and so having a majestic lion, a roaring tiger, or a group of frisky lemurs as subjects is a challenge he welcomes. And the results are stunning: each animal appears before you in vivid detail, expressing its personality so naturally and boldly… But don’t take our word for it, see 14 of his stunning works inside. 
At last, the winners of the year 2019 have been announced, with Chinese photographer Yongqing Bao taking the crown this year for his image capturing a dramatic battle between a Tibetan fox and a marmot. We showcase the winning image, as well as 21 winners and honorable mentions across categories below for your viewing pleasure.

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