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The Most Beautiful Wood Art in the World

From magnificent, huge statues to intricate and incredibly original sculptures, wood art has tens of thousands of years of history with the human race. Wood is such a warm, beautiful material to work with, there are very few of us who don't love its look and its texture, even more than we love the cold, impassionate stone. Below we showcase some of our most beautiful posts about wood art. You're about to see some of the most remarkable wood art in the world, enjoy!
I absolutely love wood carving. It is one of the most ancient art forms and it's always beautiful to my eyes. The organic nature of the material seems to ebb into the flow of statues, creating beings that seem like they are just about to move. These gorgeous works of art are a true testament to the skill and patience of these amateur yet talented artists.
James Doran Webb is a talented sculpturist who creates animal art entirely out of driftwood. Depending on the complexities of the armature and anatomy, a life-size sculpture takes some 1,000 to 3,000 hours to complete. See his stunning work captured right here.
It took Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui 4 years to enter the Guinness Book of Records for the world's longest wooden carving. Chunhui is a famous woodcarver, and his creation, his magnum opus, is over 40 feet (12 meters) long and made from one single tree trunk.
I was so bedazzled by these unbelievably realistic wooden food carvings created by Japanese sculptor and painter Seiji Kawasaki. Have a look at these superb artworks and ask yourself: firstly, would you honestly have been able to tell that they were man-made? And secondly, do you feel peckish?
Only 135 miniature boxwood carvings exist in the entire world, and very little has been known about them until now. Read on to learn more, while you marvel at some superb images of these portable religious carvings.
When a tree dies in an urban space, it usually gets removed by local authorities. However, as you're about to see from this wonderful post, there are some dead trees that meet an altogether different (and much more visually pleasing) fate. Take a look at these beautiful tree carvings created by talented woodcarvers.

Beautiful Wood Craftsmanship

In their little workshop, Dennis Nilsen and George Worthington work on the beautiful wooden carvings you are about to see. In their amazing skill, they create objects of such beauty, that it is hard indeed to recall that this was made by hand. The attention to detail and precision in their work makes all the difference.
The shores of Washington State don’t have quite the reputation of those in sunny California, but they have an untamed beauty to them that doesn’t bear the mark of human touch. Rather than long stretches of golden sand, the ocean is bordered by the dense, lush vegetation of the Pacific Northwest, while the ground is covered with driftwood.
James McNab is a woodworker and an artist residing in Philadelphia. His latest project is named the 'City Series', in which he depicts in wood the sight of a cityscape, an urban landscape as seen by an outside visitor standing outside the city. Each piece is cut in a new way to form a different base for the cityscape.
Valerii Danevych is not your average watchmaker. You see, Valerii builds watches that are completely made of wood! He has dedicated his life to making watches, and in 2005, made his first wooden wristwatches, and by 2008 - his first wooden pocket watch.
Humans revere wooden art, and for good reason. It has a quality no other material has, because it is still organic matter, something that used to be a living thing, and the memory of that life brings a special quality to these wonderful works, that seem just about to burst into new life as knights, animals, or even a car.

Unbelievable Realistic Wooden Art

What Randall Rosenthal can do with a piece of wood is nothing short of incredible. If you looked at his works, you'd have no clue that they were made of wood. Let's take a look at some of his most amazing works, and then you'll get to look behind the scenes of how he actually makes these one-of-a-kind creations.

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