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Test Your Geographical Knowledge With These 11 Quizzes!

From identifying flags to identifying cities, these 11 quizzes will challenge your geographical knowledge and see how well you know the world you inhabit. Each of these quizzes offers a different challenge regarding the world's locations, famous sights, famous cities and the location of countries on the globe. Are you ready to take the challenge? Let's do it!
How good are you at world geography? Could you recognize these flags from just a small part? If so, you might be one of those rare specimens - a 'Flag Master'!
Do you have substantial knowledge of historical events? How about where they first took place? This quiz will start you off easy, then get a little harder. So let's see how many correct answers you can get when we put your historical knowledge to the test.
If you love to test your geography knowledge, then this quiz is for you! You will see the name of a European country appear in the top box and all you have to do is click on its capital city in the list below. Once you have made your choice, the quiz will automatically move on to the next country. How many can you match correctly?
Do you pride yourself on knowing a bit about the world? Do you think you can recognize most of the world's amazing sights? Then it's time to put that knowledge to the test.
Do you see yourself as a man or woman of the world? Then how about you test that geographical knowledge of yours as you take on our Geography Trivia Quiz!
We are sure that apart from your country’s flag, you know the flags of a few other countries, but will you be able to match a flag to its country? we have prepared a special quiz for you, and only those who really know the flags of the world will be able to pass it.
Ready to test your wild geographic knowledge? Then you've come to the right place, my friend, for before you is a quiz that will put you through the wringer, and there are some countries that are just not that well known. Can you ace it?
How well do you know the flags of the world? Show us with this challenging flag test!
Are you well-traveled? Do you feel like you know most of the common world by sight? How about the world's cities? This fascinating quiz will challenge you on your urban knowledge by showing you a photo and asking you to identify the correct city.
Geography is incredibly important. Sure, we may yawn when taught it as children in school, but without good geographical knowledge, we are lost in a featureless and foggy world. Has your curiosity extended to our world? Then take this test and prove it!
Geography quizzes are some of my favorite. Here you will be shown one (and only one) photo of a city, and you have to guess which one it is! Sounds like fun? It sure is, and I had to use all my logic and experience to figure this one out. Good luck!
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