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15 General Knowledge Quizzes

 Do you think of yourself as someone who is equally educated in all areas of knowledge? If so, do you have what it takes to prove it by beating all of our general knowledge tests? We dare you to complete at least some of these tricky quizzes and challenge your family and friends to do the ones you liked the most to see how your knowledge compares to theirs. Have fun!
On the face of it, this quiz seems easy. You just have to decide whether something is true or false. However, with 25 questions and a creative attitude toward general knowledge, this test can get kinda tricky. So give it some good honest thought before answering!
Throughout life, we tend to pick lots of bits and pieces of the knowledge our world has to offer. How confident do you feel about your level of knowledge? Come test it out in this fun trivia game, and you can prove your knowledge or learn some interesting new facts!
School is a word I haven't used in a personal sense for a long time now. I remember it fondly. What I don't always remember, however, is all I learned. What about you? How much do you remember from your school days? Let's put your knowledge to the test!
Do you think you've got what it takes to take on our great general knowledge quiz? This trivia quiz will challenge all aspects of your knowledge, including history, geography, art, movies, science, and so much more! Give it a go, and find out just how smart you really are!
Logic is certainly able to get you from A to B, but it's imagination that will open the most doors in the world. Nevertheless, we invite you to give this fun logic test a shot, which will help you determine what your IQ is once and for all!
As a child, I knew very little about medicine. Let's face it, I didn't really need to. But as we get older, we rely on doctors more and more, show interest in our long term well-being, and scour books and the internet to enhance our knowledge and keep it updated. So, are you one of those people who are already half doctors with all the information they hold? How well do you understand medicine? Well, we have a fun trivia test just for that reason, so you can test yourself!
How good is your general knowledge? This comprehensive quiz will undoubtedly put it to the test - there are no less than 30 general knowledge questions to answer. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Jump right in now - good luck!
Today's tech company are infamous for asking all kinds of weird questions during interviews, How should I know how I would move Mount Everest?? But as bad as applicants think today's companies are, they are small potatoes when compared to the challenging test Thomas Edison had for his future employees. In 1921, the questions were leaked and it became the talk of the country! We've selected some of the most salient questions, let's see if YOU would have gotten hired by old Edison!
In 1974, this general knowledge test was given to a group of 250 American high school students. Most of them did not get better than 15 questions correct on this test, which mixes easy and hard questions and varies on topics such as Geography, mythology, history, and hard sciences. Now, 45 years later, this test holds up remarkably well, and I wonder how well high schoolers would do. Since we don't have them around, how about you? Put your knowledge to a literal test, and see if you can beat the original group's average.
History is not some old dusty thing on a shelf. It surrounds us all the time, creating the structures around us as it creates us until, eventually, we become part of it ourselves. Knowing history is the best way to predict the future while understanding why the present is the way it is. This 20 question historical review will take you all around the past and, besides being a lot of fun, will challenge and even inform you. Ready?
Earth, as you may know, doesn't just float in the middle of space. No, we have a street address, you might say. We live in a solar neighborhood. The sun and the other planets in our solar system are our close neighbors, and as time passes we learn more and more about them, even thinking of reaching them. Do you know our neighborhood? How about you take our solar system quiz and find out?
Do you remember your SATs? That mixed test of English, math, and logic, a test feared by many, enjoyed by a few. But now, after all these years and sans any anxiety about this test - how would you do? Did the things you learned stay with you? There's only one way to find out, so take our SAT demo test and see how well you can still do.
History is all around us. It's under the streets we walk, it gazes upon us from old buildings and stares at us through language, geography, biology and so much more. History is our story, and where would we be without a story to guide us? The past points to the future they say. Do you know the past? How well, would you say? Enough to get through 30 mixed history questions we've cooked up for you? Well, let's see it then. Prepare for a challenge!
30 odd years ago this quiz was given to high schoolers. It's a general knowledge test, mixing several subjects of theirs. How did they do? You'll only find out if you finish it!
Our newest general knowledge quiz is going to ask you 15 easy to hard questions. You'll need to have a good mix of knowledge from different fields to answer all questions correctly. Do you have a good memory for trivia? Show us!
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