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Collection of the Greatest Moments in History

History is fascinating! It gives us a glimpse or, at times, even a detailed account of the lives of our ancestors, what happened to them and how humanity ended up being the way it is today. At other times, history can teach you about the mistakes people did in the past, ones we hope to never repeat. Finally, history can reveal to us the nature of mysterious, long lost and forgotten civilizations. This collection encompasses all of these topics, and several others, here for you to explore and learn about the fascinating past of humanity and some of its most outstanding figures.
There is a famous expression: “Truth is stranger than fiction”. Throughout history, there were many events that could only occur due to incredible coincidences. From wars to assassinations, amazing luck to great misfortune, many moments in history could only come to pass thanks to a series of unforeseen circumstances.
Ancient history has long fascinated us. Yet much of the ancient history we are familiar with is about Egyptian pharaohs, Greek heroes, or Roman emperors. But the ancient world saw many a mighty civilization rise and fall. Here are six ancient kingdoms your history teacher never told you about.
This list of men and women contains some of the greatest military tacticians, novelists, political leaders, and cultural pioneers that the world has ever seen. Read 20 fantastic "last word" quotes from some of the most important people in all of human history.
Below, you'll find ten of history's most baffling unsolved mysteries, so put your thinking cap on and see if you can come up with a couple of good explanations.
Without the right teacher, educating children and adults alike would be close to impossible. Below, you'll find ten of the most influential teachers our world has ever seen, along with explanations about what exactly they did to make their lessons so meaningful.

10 of History's Forgotten Stories

People say that the greatest stories in human history can never be forgotten due to oral tradition, but as you're about to see, these unforgettable stories have been lost among the sands of time - until now.
It's funny to think that split-second decisions actually changed the history of the world forever, but that's what actually transpired on numerous pivotal occasions. Such moments led to disasters, revolutions and even the halting of nuclear war. These are the split-second decisions that changed the face of history.
Many wars have been fought over the millennia, but there are some warriors that have remained etched into the collective human psyche never to be forgotten. These are the most feared warlike peoples (and their warriors) in human history.
To be eccentric means, literally, to be off-center. Somebody who is described as eccentric would imply that they are a little odd, or out of the ordinary, but not necessarily insane. The monarchy has seen it's fair share of eccentric individuals, let's take a look at 6 of history's most eccentric rulers.
If you're a history buff or take an interest in the warfare of yesteryear, then have we got a treat in store for you! That's because below you'll get to read all about five of the most historically-important battles to have ever graced this earth, many of which were fought and won by the underdogs. So, without further ado, let's dive right in.
The histomap is a brilliant map that takes you through 4000 years of history, starting at 2000 B.C., and tracking the greatest civilizations as they morph and change through the years, including all the notable historical events that took place along the way. This is an incredible map and a great way to learn about the big events in the history of our world in one fell swoop!
History has always been one of my favorite topics at school, but we were rarely ever taught about the battles that changed the world. In fact, we would probably be living in a completely different world had these battles not taken place. ​
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