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Tips And Information About Cats

 They’re frisky, they’re lovable and oh so entertaining. You know who we’re talking about, the best pets ever - cats! And while you might consider yourself cat expert, we assure you that there’s always so much to learn about these delightful creatures: their behavior, their needs, and their funny little habits, just to name a few. After reading through some of these articles, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation of felines and have a paw-some time.
About cats
Did you know that it's possible to train cats, just like it is to train dogs? The methodology might be somewhat different, but the end results are just as satisfying. Whether you want to stop your cat from biting, teach a kitten to use a litter box, or even get your feline friend to do tricks, this video guide has it all.
Since your cat is a member of the family, why not buy them products to make them feel more comfortable? These clever products were designed with cats' lazy and playful natures in mind. I bet you’ll be thinking 'my cat needs that' several times before you reach the bottom of the list.
Cats, unlike dogs, have a variety of behaviors that we humans just don't understand. They are enigmatic creatures with their own set of instincts, feelings, and reactions, and so it can be tough for the cat owner to understand why the cat does what it does. So here's a little breakdown of common cat behaviors.
We love to see them, play with them and live with them. But how much do you know about your cat? Whether you consider yourself a cat expert or are just curious about the most curious of animals, you'll definitely feel like a feline expert by the end of this post! 

The health benefits of owning a cat

I have a cat of my own, and I strongly believe that a family that includes a cat is a family in a good company. It would seem that many families agree too: according to the American Pet Products Association, 79 to 96 million cats are owned in the United States. There's no denying that pet ownership, in general, can improve a person's quality of life, cat ownership in particular. In fact, scientists have studied the human-animal bond and discovered the many health benefits of owning a cat.
These kitties aren't your average wild cats. They're especially rare - you've probably never heard of these varieties and most are pretty small too - about the size of a domesticated cat (or slightly larger). Don't be fooled by their smallness and cuteness though - these cats belong in the wild. Let's take a look at ten of them, along with a couple of facts on each.
Although it is not common knowledge, there are well over 100 cat breeds in the world. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to differentiate one species from another, unlike dogs. However, all the breeds are slightly different, with individual looks and behavior. Here is a collection of cat breed photos to help you navigate through their intricacies and complexities.
Most cat owners do their utmost to take care of their feline companions, and when a mistake is made and the cat suffers as a result, it’s usually because the cat’s owners didn’t have the proper experience or knowledge to avoid the problem. Below you’ll find 8 dangerous mistakes that cat owners should never make.
Veselka Velinova is a Bulgarian artist with an affinity for furry, four-legged felines. She's been working as an illustrator for more than 10 years, but recently decided to challenge herself to create artwork of cats inspired by different, world-famous artists. Needless to say that the results are totally impressive.


If you don’t have a cat or are looking for another to keep the one you already have company, you should know that rescuing a cat means that it is 98 times less likely to die than if it was living on the street. Here are 40 reasons why you should welcome a cat into your home.

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