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Surreal Artists and Their Artworks

 I know not everyone loves surrealism, but I sure do. Starting in 1917, surrealism brings to the canvas the most that human imagination can aspire to. By combining fantasy and incredible imagery and connecting it to the real world in some ways, the artists create objects we have only seen in our dreams, but they appear right in front of us. In this post, we have brought you a collection of 8 such surreal artists, each with their own unique style and broad imagination to spill on their canvases, and amaze our eyes and minds.

Jacek Yerka's Surreal Artworks

Prepare to be mesmerized by Polish painter Jacek Yerka's surreal works. With a crisp style, Yerka's work is rich in detail, showing realistic yet mythical subjects. He elegantly blends the ordinary with the magical and juxtaposes quiet scenes with epic fantasy. Yerka's unique perspective captivates with striking images of dreamy other worlds. 
Looking at the surreal photography that Swedish photographer & retoucher Erik Johansson creates is like walking into a twisted dream world. This universe appears remarkably familiar and inhabitable because the images are skillfully manipulated using composite photography. The power in Johansson’s works is in their plausibility.
I really love discovering artists like Rafal Oblinski. This Polish-born painter and illustrator is a prolific artist with a unique point of view. He creates the most beautiful surreal works of art. He flips traditional subject matters on their heads, making for striking images.
Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves creates beautiful paintings. However, his paintings go a step further than beautiful, they each play with the border between reality and the surreal. his work has also been influenced by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, who he had the pleasure of meeting.
Russian painter and sculptor Vladimir Kush has been developing his artistic talents since he was just seven years of age when he began to attend art school. His passion grew to the extent that he eventually graduated in Fine Arts, after which he took part in several successful exhibitions around the world that established him as a surreal artist. ​
Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was a Spanish artist who is well-known for his works of Surrealism, an important 20th-century movement that focused primarily on literature and art. Surrealist art rejects the rationale and aims to channel the unconsciousness in order to unlock the power of imagination.
Davide Bonazzi is an illustrator from Bologna, Italy, who designs thought-provoking images about modern-day problems. He combines digital media with the textures of real objects to give his images a unique signature look.
Zulkarnain Ismail is a Malaysian digital artist whose artworks are on the verge of realistic photography and fantasy. Whatever his style really is, we can tell for sure that his artwork is absolutely captivating. We at BabaMail love the way he took a playful and imaginative twist on nature and urban landscapes, urging us all to be more creative in our everyday lives and see things differently.
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