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14 Inspirational Quotes about Attaining Happiness in Life

 If there is a point to life, then doubtlessly that point is happiness, and yet many of us wade through life without ever tasting the sweet fruit of joy in earnest, being distracted by routine. Some of us try to chase happiness, but as these inspirational quotes will show you, you can’t catch up to something you already have within your grasp.
1. Happiness is about making the world a happier place
Happiness: Mr. Rogers
2. Sadness can take no root in a mind at peace
Happiness: Krishna
3. Look in the mirror and laugh, because what you see there is hilarious
Happiness: Richard J Foster
4. Plans turn you into a worrying grouch
Happiness: Mohorosh
5. Be in tune with your internal world
Happiness: Rumi
6.  Being happy is not a reward
Happiness: Osho
7. Honesty is one of the keys to happiness
Happiness: Buddha
8. Stop chasing, you’ll tire yourself out
Happiness: Zhuang Zhou
9. Because you can’t catch up to something you already have. You just need to find where you misplaced it
Happiness: Roberto Benigni
10. A motto to live by
Happiness: Groucho Marx
11. Nothing should stand in the way of happiness
Happiness: Hanshan
12. It’s all about being content
Happiness: Oprah
13. Joy is the flavor of life, without which living is bland or bitter
Happiness: Robert Louis Stevenson
14. And don’t let a soul steal a drop of your happiness
Happiness: Lady Gaga
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