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18 Adorable Cats That Will Turn You into a Cat Person

 Cats are cold, uncaring and fickle. All of these are common beliefs about our feline friends, but anyone who’s ever lived with a cat knows it’s all false. While cats may not be tame or prone to taking orders, they are expressive, affectionate and loving. If you are one of those people who dislikes cats, here are 19 cats that are sure to change your mind:
1. Her Owners Adopted a New Kitty, She Adopted Her, Too
Heartwarming Cats: adoptive motherSource: Reddit
2. Pure Karma
Heartwarming Cats: library cat
3. She Adopted the Oldest Cat in the Shelter
Heartwarming Cats: old catSource: Reddit
4. Scarlett (1995-2008) Risked Her Life in Order to Save All of Her Kittens from a Fire
Heartwarming Cats: hero cat Scarlett fireSource: Reddit
5. This Rescue Cat Has Never Seen a Shag Carpet Before, Stayed Like This for 30 Minutes
Heartwarming Cats: carpetSource: Reddit
6. This Cat Went Missing Seven Months Ago, Look at the Kid’s Reaction
7. Couple Move in Together, Each with His Own Cat. They Were Scared They Wouldn’t Get Along
Heartwarming Cats: moving inSource: Reddit
8. Grateful Cat with the Firefighter Who Saved Him
Heartwarming Cats: firefighterSource: Reddit
9. This Dad Said the Cat Needs to Go Only 10 Months Before
Heartwarming Cats: dadSource: Reddit
10. They Visited the Shelter to Inquire about the Adoption Process, and Left with These Two
Heartwarming Cats: adopted pairSource: Reddit
11. Boyfriend: “Ehh, I’m Not Really a Cat Person.”
Heartwarming Cats: boyfriend cat personSource: Reddit
12. Dog Panicked During the 4th of July Fireworks, so the Cat Comforted Him
13. Owner Comforts Kitten at the Vet
Heartwarming Cats: kitten vetSource: Reddit
14. Cat Rolls in Edible Glitter, Becomes the Milky Way
Heartwarming Cats: glitter galaxySource: Reddit
15. Construction Workers Fit the Cat with a Vest to Keep it Safe
Heartwarming Cats: construction safetySource: Reddit
16. Cat Saves Owner’s Kid from a Feral Dog
17. This Is Stubbs, Who Served as Mayor of an Alaskan Town for 20 Years
18. Every Day, this Cat Waits Outside the Door to Play with the Cat Inside
Heartwarming Cats: visitorSource: Reddit
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