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Trivia Quizzes: 7 Quizzes That'll Test Your Knowledge!

I love quizzes. Not just because it's a game and I love having fun with games. But it's always an opportunity to see where my knowledge is and where are the little holes in my knowledge that I didn't even know were there. That way, I end up patching those holes while having a great time! Do you want to do the same? Well, today we don't have just 1 quiz for you, but a collection of 7 of our most interesting Trivia Quizzes. And, if THAT's not enough for you, scroll to the bottom where we have links to ANOTHER 7 quizzes! There's no way to get bored. So, I wish you good luck and lots of fun!
Throughout life, we tend to pick lots of bits and pieces of the knowledge our world has to offer. How confident do you feel about your level of knowledge? Come test it out in this fun trivia game, and you can prove your knowledge or learn some interesting new facts!

Do you enjoy art? Each of these famous paintings has had a fake detail added to them. They have been added in the same style as the original paintings, but don't belong to them. Can you choose the correct answer and identify what doesn't belong in these paintings?


The 20th century was a century like no other. It was full of world-changing, epic events that changed everyone's life in huge ways. In this trivia test, you will be asked to look at historical photos from the 20th century and answer - can you identify these photos?


Dogs are among the animals that we as humans interact with the most. We see them on the street, we talk about them - and many of us have lived with one or more at some point in our lives. So how much do you know about man's best friend? 


Art is one of those things that elevates our appreciation of beauty and creativity. I may not be an expert, but I know the paintings and styles I love, and definitely some of the world's more famous artworks. How about you? Can you identify the famous paintings in this trivia test, or do you need to go and visit some more museums?


 Do you love classic movies? I do. They don't make them like they used to. The quick back and forth, the larger than life characters, and the gracefulness of it all - I will always cherish them. If you do too, maybe you'd like to try and see how well you remember them, by completing our ultimate classic movie trivia quiz!


You don’t have to be well-traveled to be true a cosmopolitan. In fact, you may very well know more about the big wide world than you think. So, let’s see whether you are a real citizen of the world by taking our fantastic world landmarks quiz. How many do you know?

Not enough quizzes for you? Here are 7 more for you to challenge yourselves with:
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