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The Unchallenged Beauty of 14 Waterfalls Worldwide

 It’s difficult to say why we’re so in awe of waterfalls. Is it their magnitude and unchallenged power that attracts us so much? Or is it the natural lush vitality of the surroundings that catches our eye? Likely, it’s both, and it’s certain that a waterfall is the very representation of the power of nature and a picture of all its beauty and abundance. Dazzling, astonishing and powerful are all 15 of these waterfalls, and if you happen to visit any of these countries, we wholeheartedly recommend you to see them live.

1. Victoria Falls

Location: the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia

waterfalls victoria falls
Situated on the Zambezi River in southeastern Africa, Victoria Falls is a UNESCO world heritage site. Often referred to as "the greatest curtain of falling water" this magnificent waterfall is a view to behold. There are several viewing points where tourists can admire the beauty of Victoria Falls.

2. Ban Gioc - Detian Falls

Location: the border of China and Vietnam

waterfalls Ban Gioc - Detian Falls
This is another waterfall situated on the border between two countries, which is why it has 2 names: it's known as Ban Gioc on the Vietnamese side and Detian in China. The waterfall is actually a collection of several waterfalls, and it lies on the Quây Sơn River. It can be accessed both from the Chinese and the Vietnamese side. Ban Gioc - Detian falls is the largest waterfall situated between countries in Asia.

3. Havasu Falls

Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona
waterfalls havasu falls
With its turquoise waters contrasting the red soil, the Havasu waterfall is a sight to behold. Although it's situated in the Grand Canyon, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, getting to the falls is not so easy and requires a challenging hike and permission to enter the Indian Reservation. However, Havasu Falls is not the only waterfall in the Grand Canyon, it's one of five waterfalls, but certainly the most beautiful one.

4. Skógafoss

Location: Iceland

waterfalls Skógafoss
Iceland is the country of glaciers and waterfalls, and Skógafoss is one of the biggest, most beautiful and most tourist-friendly waterfalls in the country. Skógafoss lies on the Skóga River, and the falls can be accessed from both the top tier and from below. Tourists that aren't afraid to endure the spray of the waterfalls can even admire it from close proximity. 

5. Jog Falls

Location: India

waterfalls Jog Falls
One of the tallest waterfalls in India is Jog Falls, situated near a village bearing the same name. The waterfall is formed from the Sharavathi River, and apart from acting as a tourist attraction, the waterfall provides power to the surrounding settlements, as one of the most significant hydroelectric power plants in India harnesses electricity from the waterfall's powerful currents.

6. Mardalsfossen 

Location: Norway

waterfalls Mardalsfossen
Much like its Indian counterpart above, Mardalsflossen, too, is used to generate electricity during the majority of the year. Tourists are allowed to view the waterfall only when the flow is the lowest, between June 20 and August 20, quite a narrow window. The Norwegian beauty is often called Europe's tallest waterfall, which it is, reaching 705 meters (2,313 ft).

7. Dettifoss

Location: Iceland
waterfalls Dettifoss
Yet another European top ranker is the Dettifoss, rumored to be Europe's most powerful waterfall. Like many other Icelandic waterfalls, its waters come from a glacier from which the Jökulsá á Fjöllum River flows. The waterfall is situated in a popular tourist area called the Diamond Circle.

8. Iguazu Falls

Location: the border between Argentina and Brazil 
waterfalls Iguazu Falls
Settled on the border between Argentina and Brazil on the Iguazu River are the great Iguazu Falls. There are an estimated 275 drops in this jaw-dropping waterfall system that spans 2.7 kilometers (1.7 mi) wide, creating the largest waterfall system on the planet. You can learn more about Iguazu Falls here.

9. Sutherland Falls

Location: New Zealand
waterfalls Sutherland Falls
Meet Sutherland Falls, long believed to be New Zealand's tallest waterfall reaching a 580 meter (1,904 feet) height. Today we know that it is surpassed by Browne Falls, but Sutherland Falls still remains one of the most picturesque and lush locations in New Zealand.

10. Rhine Falls

Location: Switzerland

waterfalls Rhine Falls
This Swiss waterfall is probably the most tourist-friendly one on the list. It's very close to a major city (Zurich), you can admire it from different viewing points and it's surrounded by beautiful ancient castles. Oh, it's also the largest waterfall in Switzerland, so on your trip to the country, it's a must-visit destination.

11. Veliki Slap Waterfall

Location: Croatia
waterfalls Veliki Slap Waterfall
Located in a magical national park where lakes and waterfalls intertwine into a beautiful multi-level symphony is the largest waterfall in the area, the Veliki Slap Waterfall. The park is worth visiting year-round, as even in the cold winter months, the snow-covered hills contrast the half-frozen falls, turning into an icy tourist gem. Here is an in-depth article with an abundance of pictures of Plitvice National Park.

12. Niagara Falls

Location: Between New York and Canada
waterfalls Niagara falls
Niagara Falls is not the tallest or the largest waterfall system in the world, but it's definitely one that gets the most attention from tourists, averaging at 30 million visitors each year. In the image above, you can see Horseshoe Falls, the part that's on the Canadian side of the falls, but there are also two popular parts called American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls that are located entirely in the United States. 

13. Pearl Shoal Waterfall

Location: China
waterfalls Pearl Shoal Waterfall
This beautiful Chinese waterfall got its name for its pearly white waters, and it lies on the Bailong River in the Sichuan Province. Local folk has passed down a legend surrounding the creation of the waterfall that tells a story of a girl pouring holy water down the mountain, creating the falls and forest you see in the picture.

14. Hanging Glacier

Location: Chile
waterfalls hanging glacier
Queulat National Park offers a unique view for its visitors: a waterfall pouring down a cliff with a glacier hovering above it, which creates the illusion of the waterfall flowing out of the glacier itself. This is both an utterly beautiful and truly unparalleled view.
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