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11 New English Words Recently Added to the Dictionary

 The English language is one of the largest and most rapidly evolving ones on the planet, with thousands of terms appearing each year. As impressive as it sounds, most of these new terms never make it into our lexicon and are completely forgotten in a matter of months. A few select words, on the other hand, get to become a part of the more permanent English word-stock and are used quite a bit, whether we like it or not.
And while we are generally skeptical of slang and Internet speech, we must admit that these 11 words are actually quite fun and even useful. We also happened to notice that these newest dictionary additions are rapidly gaining popularity outside youth slang or Internet speech, with many of them finding their way into news releases and printed press, as well as our everyday vocabulary.
new English words nonversation
new English words hangry
new English words frenemy

Interested in the history of the English language? Read this list of old English words that should be popular again.

new English words crowdfund
new English words binge-watch
new English words carcolepsy
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new English words unfriend
new English words infomania
new English words game-changer
new English words unkeyboardinated
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new English words staycation
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