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10 Optical Illusions That Will Challenge Your Observation Skills

 Brains need exercise just as much as muscles do, and what better way to challenge your wits than by solving fun brain teasers?

Another neat feature of this observation test is that all 10 of these mind benders are based on optical illusions. Each task taps into a different aspect of visual perception: relative color, relative size, contrast and even visual associations, so be prepared to use all of your observation skills.

Are you prepared to challenge yourself? Ready, set, go!

1. What do you see in this picture?

optical illusions woman and 2 trees

2. How many versions of faces are there in this illustration?

optical illusions smiley faces

3. Which line is the longest one in the picture below?

optical illusions lines

4. How many hidden black dots can you spot in the following image?

optical illusions black dots

5. Take a gander and guess what is portrayed in this picture?

optical illusions face and woman

6. How many green circles can you spot in the image below?

optical illusions green dots

7. Which way is this picture spinning?

optical illusions spinning

8. How many black dots are there in the image below?

optical illusions yellow dots

9. Look at the yellow dots in the middle and determine which one is bigger.

optical illusions yellow dots flower

10. Which one of these 2 tables is longer?

optical illusions 2 tables

We hope you found this little brain exercise entertaining and interesting. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

H/T: brightside 

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