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Phenomenal Embroidery Art

 Russian embroidery artist Vera Shimunia's art can be described, in a word, dreamy! Her art consists of miniature nature landscapes and is undoubtedly stunning! The talented creator is completely self-taught, and like many artists, she was inspired by love. In fact, when she did her first embroidered piece, the boy she liked (who had great taste in art) wrote to her, expressing his amazement. It was for that reason that she decided to continue.
It took her about six months to bring her vision out and show it to the public. Her art is now made of vibrant blues, whimsical pinks, and deep purples. Each piece transports you into a different world that is inspired by nature and music. The intricate detailing takes her anywhere from three days to a month to complete. Her work continues to evolve. Take a look at her eye-popping visuals: 
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