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The Secret to Making Phenomenal Pasta

 Pasta is one of the tastiest and most satisfying dishes you can eat. In fact, it's so delicious, you might be thinking to yourself that it is impossible to make this meal staple even better. But you may be surprised to discover that there is indeed a way to do so. As it turns out, there is a right and a wrong way to cook pasta. But, you may be thinking, how hard could cooking pasta be? You simply boil a pot of water, throw in some salt and put in your pasta, stirring and monitoring until it is al dente.
Surprisingly, you can actually prepare pasta ten times better than how you prepare it now. All you need to do is rethink your technique. Simply follow these two steps to take your pasta to the next level:   
cooking pasta

How to Cook Perfect Pasta


Undercook the pasta by about 2 minutes. While it may not seem like a drastic change, cutting this time short ensures that the pasta maintains an essential chewiness which we need in a good pasta dish.

cooking pasta


Then, finish up by cooking the pasta in the sauce, which ideally you've been simmering in a skillet on another burner. What this technique does is ensures that you are giving the pasta 1 to 3 minutes to absorb the flavors of the sauce. You will undoubtedly love that flavor-infused pasta!

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