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20 Funny and Cute Animals That Love Wearing Hats

 I’ve never seen anything more adorable and funny than these animals wearing cute little hats, so the minute I saw them I knew I had to share them with you. If you need a dose of positivity in your day, or even if you simply love cute animals pictures (and who doesn’t?), you will love this photo compilation of 20 cute animals wearing hats.
I’m sure you will enjoy the pictures of these lovable animals and, maybe, you'll even want to share them with others as much as I did.

1. Aww, this kitty thinks it's a bunny.

a cat wearing a bunny hat

2. Looking smug, Mr.Sea Lion.

a sea lion wearing a straw hat

3. What a handsome little cowboy pug!

a pug puppy wearing a cowboy hat

4. That's right, gotta keep those little ferret ears warm in the winter...

a ferret wearing a warm red hat

5. This is the most fashionable baby chicken I've ever seen.

a baby chicken wearing a hat

6. "I'm not a cat, I'm a little lamb."

cat wearing a lamb hat

7. This little hedgehog is ready to take a walk in the sun.

a hedgehog wearing a straw hat

8. "Happy birthday, human!"

2 hamsters wearing birthday hats

9. "What do you mean by 'you're not going on the fishing trip'?"

dog wearing a fishing hat and boots

10. Aww, this baby owl looks just like an acorn, so cute!

baby owl wearing a knitted hat

11. Santa's little helper.

a cat in a santa's helper costume

12. "It's my birthday!"

a parrot in a birthday hat

13. This little otter can prepare any magic potion you need.

otter in a witch hat

14. "Finally, beach season!"

a piglet wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball cap

15. So cute, this little rat loves America as much as it loves cornflakes.

a rat in uncle sam's hat

16. A top hat for a real gentleman.

a gekko in a tophat

17. So adorable! This bunny has a hat to fit its bunny ears.

a bunny in a blue knitted hat

18. What a goofy and chubby guinea pig!

a hamster in a knitted frog hat

19. Yes, captain Cutie, I will surrender all of my treats right away.

a dog wearing a pirate hat

20. When the weather is too hot even for a koala...

a koala in a sun hat licking an ice cream
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