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Alleviate Different Problems With These 5 Holds

 Every new parent feels annoyed when their baby feels sick, and it doesn’t matter whether their stomach is the source of pain or if they’re having a hard time releasing - we want our baby to just be calm and peaceful so they can start their life on the right foot. So, what can you as parents do? Just as there are tips and tricks for everything, there are also 5 problems and symptoms that can be alleviated with certain holding positions! Help prevent pain and discomfort for your children by learning and trying them out…

1. "Tiger in the tree" - for colic and gas relief

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"Tiger in a tree" is a well-known position that helps babies release gas, which we all know can create intense abdominal pain. Many parents already know this position, but if you don’t, you should try it the next time your child suffers from gassiness. Hold baby on your forearm stomach down with their legs and arms on either side of your arm. Keep baby’s head resting on your elbow crease and support their bodies by holding their buttock and lower body with your other hand. This position helps not only in the case of gas but also in the event that your child suffers from colic pain - sudden stomach aches every night for no apparent reason – which is common in infants up to the age of 3-4 months.

2. Dr. Hamilton’s “Hold”

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Dr. Hamilton is a pediatrician whose clinic sees dozens of babies every day, and after 30 years of experience, this pediatrician has found a proven method that helps calm crying babies in a matter of seconds, even though it may look like the doctor is “choking” the baby, he’s actually providing them with support and is soothing them with a method that succeeds even when all the others fail. Click here to learn how to do “The Hold” and watch a video in which Dr. Hamilton demonstrates the method himself. 

3. "Bicycle" - for relieving constipation


This method can even help you if you try it on yourself, but in babies, it works best. If your baby is constipated, lay him/her on their back, grab their legs and push them one by one slowly and gently toward their stomach, like a bicycle. After several times, gently massage baby's tummy and do it again. This movement will help speed up bowel movements, and if you do it right, your baby will be relieved of his/her constipation within a few minutes.

4. "Chair hold" – to help baby burp

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Almost everyone burps their baby with their head resting on our shoulders and a pat on their back, but if you find this method less convenient or not working as you expect, you can try the chair hold. Sit on a chair, rest your baby's back and neck on your chest and cross their legs while holding them in your hands. This position will loosen baby's abdominal muscles, and it is recommended to use it from the age of 3 months and up.

5. Feeding in an upright position and laying them down afterward – if baby spits up

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If your baby tends to spit up his/her food, it is highly recommended that you don’t lay them down vertically during feeding. However, about 20 minutes after burping baby, it is recommended to lay him/her on their back in a carrier or in your arms, but not on a bed or on the floor, in order to prevent baby from spitting up. Another thing to avoid after feeding is placing the baby in a sitting since sitting puts pressure on the abdomen.

image source: David BennettJohannes Jander


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