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8 Baking Charts to Make Baking as Easy as Can Be

 Baking can be incredibly good fun, and result in some deliciously sweet treats being created for your enjoyment, but it can get confusing and difficult on occasion. That's why you need to refer to the baking charts below to take all of the trickiness out of it: 
1. Baking Temperatures Chart 
The chart above shows how your cakes will be finished if you bake them at different temperatures. All of the temperatures are in Fahrenheit. 
2. Sugar Type Chart 
If you think that all sugar is the same, then think again. Refer to the chart above to learn about different kinds of sugar, and what they should be used for. 
3. Half Recipe Chart 
A problem that can arise when baking is trying to follow a recipe that creates more servings than you need. The chart above shows you how you can halve ingredient amounts in a recipe correctly. 
4. Blender Attachments Chart 
There seem to be a million different attachments that go on a blender, but the chart above will show you the right one to use for a whole manner of different baking tasks. 
5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Chart 
The image above shows the different results that using different ingredients in the baking of cookies can create. 
6. Baking Conversion Chart 
Converting metric measurements into imperial and vice versa can be quite hard and confusing, but the chart above is all you'll ever need to make it super-easy! It also details what it actually means in a recipe when it says "1 cup" or "1/2 cup" and so on. 
7. Vegan Substitution Chart 
If you happen to be a vegan, here's how to substitute eggs, which are a baking staple, for other ingredients. 
8. Frosting Styles Chart 
The chart above is a guide to different piping tips that you can use in order to frost. Which one would you try? 
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