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10 of the Best Places to Visit in October

 October is a good time to go traveling for many reasons, namely temperatures being comfortable, everything in nature seeming to turn red (due to the fall in the Northern Hemisphere) and flight prices falling relative to the summer. Here some of the best places to be in during October:
10. Awk Phansaa Festival in Vientiane
The three-month long Buddhist Lenten period ends during the month of October, and this ending is celebrated with the Awk Phansaa festival, which takes place in the Laotian capital of Vientiane. Participants release decorated boats made from banana leaves into bodies of water.  The Water festival and the Boat Racing festival happen to coincide with Awk Phansaa. Laotians set decorated floats adrift on the Mekong River during the evening to thank the spirits of the river.
9. Salem Halloween Party
Salem, Massachusetts is famous for the witchcraft trials that took place there some 400 years ago. In fact, the Halloween party that goes on there lasts the entire month of October. Psychics, witches, warlocks, ghosts, and goblins haunt the city for the annual event, which even includes a Festival of the Dead. This festival encourages people to contact their dead relatives via psychic readings.
8. Bacolod - MassKara Festival
Bacolod, which is the capital of the Filipino sugar-producing province of Negros Occidental, is home to the 20-day MassKara festival. Although it initially started out as a way of showing off the hardships that the local people suffered, today it’s a way to have fun and boost the local economy. Colorful masks and costumes abound, but there are many other activities to partake in.
7. Florida
Visiting the Sunshine State during October is always a great idea, and that’s because of the temperatures that usually aren’t hot, but still warm. The lower temperatures mean that conditions are perfect for taking in many of the state’s attractions. What’s more is that crowds are generally smaller because children are back at school, and the state’s coastal waters are still warm enough to swim in. Take a poncho with you just in case, though!
6. Thimphu Tsechu
Bhutan is a remote and almost-unknown country that borders with Nepal. It’s home to Thimphu Tsechu, a festival that dates back to the 17th century. A must-see is an ethnic folk dancing that in the center of the country’s capital. Buddhist monks perform dances while dressed in elaborate traditional costumes, and to the beat of drums and cymbals. It’s a time for the Bhutanese to visit with each other in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.
5. Plitvice Lakes
The Croatian region of Plitvice is at its most beautiful during this time of year due to its full fall foliage. It’s one of the most scenic areas in Europe, with the azure blue of the lakes themselves enhanced by the colors of the fall season. Plitvice is actually a national park that’s ideal for hikers and travelers. Photographers also flock here during the month of October to photograph the beautiful landscapes.
4. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Welcome to the largest gathering of hot air balloons and ballooning enthusiasts in the world. New Mexico’s largest city hosts this gathering during the month of October, which includes concerts and fireworks, together with mass balloon launched both during the day and at night. Although most people visit the city to view the hot air balloons from the ground, certain balloon operators offer hour-long rides during the festival.
3. Nepal
Dry season starts in Nepal during the month of October, meaning that it’s a great time to go trekking in the country. With that being said, the landscapes will still be green from the rainy season. In addition to balmy temperatures, you’ll be able to take in spectacular views of the Himalayas. As a result, October is a great time to trek to Everest Base Camp should doing so take your fancy. There are also a number of Hindu festivals that take place in Nepal during October.
2. New England
New England during the fall is one of the most beautiful places you can possibly be, and that’ because the forests are vibrant in hues of red, orange, gold and yellow as the trees prepare themselves for the winter. Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont are some of the bests New England states to visit. Note that you must book accommodation at least a couple of weeks in advance.
1. Oktoberfest in Munich
The world’s biggest beer festival, the Oktoberfest, takes place in Germany each October and attracts more than 6 million visitors annually. More than 5 million liters of beer are consumed by the time it ends, but the festival also features carnivals, a costume parade, concerts, and a huge Catholic mass. The celebration started out as an informal wedding reception for Crown Prince Ludwig on October 2, 1810.
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