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10 Qualities of Strong Women That Men Love

 Having good self-esteem is essential to a healthy relationship, and men often find great self-esteem and inner strength in a woman who's totally irresistible. Seeing as we believe in happy, healthy people here at BabaMail, I’ve compiled a list of 10 qualities of strong women that are irresistible to men:
1. Accepting that you don’t have to be perfect at everything
Nowadays, women are led to believe that they are a failure if they don’t have a great career or an amazing family, but the truth about life is that everyone’s path to happiness and success is completely different. If you’re happy with the life you’ve built for yourself, please pat yourself on the back. You can be perfect for yourself and for the people around you without having to be perfect at everything.
2. Looking classy, even when on a budget
Although that “big sale” sign might have caught your attention, it’s always better to have one item that’s of high quality than 10 you could have bought for the same amount of money. It’ll probably last far longer anyway.
3. Having a healthy relationship with your body
Loving and accepting your body entails making good decisions for it. People are often tempted into thinking that they are not their bodies, but in reality, they are. That’s why you should cut out destructive habits, such as fast food, crash dieting or exercise that simply isn’t right for you. Remember that your health lies in the balance.
4. Working out
When it comes to exercising, you can do the type and amount that suits you best. Our bodies are designed to do exercise, so try a new regime for 21 days (the time it takes to form a new habit) and see how you feel after. You should also try taking before and after pictures.
5. Being honest about your flaws
Facing your flaws doesn’t make you inferior or any less of a great human. Your flaws are what make you human! Acknowledging and accepting them can be liberating, and prevent them from interfering in you having quality relationships and a good life.
6. Being skilled, talented and proud of it
The advent of social media has led to many of us feeling insecure about our lives, bodies, and achievements due to the constant comparison that we inevitably end up making to others. In truth, social media is nothing more than a façade that people live behind. Take a moment to write down all the things that you’re great at and you’ll see that you’re way stronger than you ever imagined.
7. Keeping people that you don’t like out of your life
Although you don’t get to choose the people we go to school or work with, your free time is yours. Make sure you don’t waste it on people who make you feel bad or give you less than you deserve. Being able to say “no” is a valuable skill and a clear sign of mental maturity.
8. Being responsible about your health
The faster you own up to the fact that you’re nobody else’s responsibility other than your own, the better your life will be. It’s understandable that you may be scared of dentists or physicians, but keep in mind that they’re there to help you know what’s going on in your body. If there’s anything that needs attending to, then at least you’re half-equipped to put it right.
9. Not allowing yourself to be pressured into doing things you don’t like
Just because people in a group setting are all doing something that doesn’t fly with you, it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing, too. Make decisions based on your own priorities and feelings – that way, you’ll have more ownership of your life, which in turn brings more responsibility. Nevertheless, each new goal you reach is a whole lot more satisfying.
10. Respecting time and time constraints
What is fashionably late to some is downright disrespectful to others. Time is the only resource you’ll never get back, so manage yours wisely in order to achieve great things and retain a sense of control over your life.
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