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Huge and Free Online Coloring Page Database

 If there’s one thing that parents can never have too much of it, it is certainly fun, simple and free ways to engage their kids - just like the huge coloring page database on thecolor.com. Unlike other sites that only offer the option of printing coloring pages, with this site, your kids and grandchildren can color in the pages on the computer itself. You can color the same page over and over again without wasting paper or destroying the house, as kids tend to do when armed with a marker.


If you still want to print blank coloring pages, then know that this is also an option! You can do this very easily and choose from a huge variety of categories and pages that every child will be happy to explore and paint, and of course, it’s all completely free. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site and give your children hours of a fun and interactive creative play time!

Click here to go thecolor.com’s database

or read on to learn how to use the site 

coloring page website

User Guide to thecolor.com 

TheColor has an abundance of coloring pages in a variety of categories. The list of categories can be found on the left side of the main page under the heading Color by Category, where they are arranged in alphabetical order and include the holidays of all major religions, animals, different places in the world, stories, cars and more... You can go to the collection of coloring pages available in each category by clicking the category name (in blue). You will then have to select the desired coloring page.

In the top menu on the main page, you can view coloring pages by Most Popular, Most Recent, and Top Rated by users by clicking on the correlating tabs.

coloring page website

 Unlike regular coloring pages where children sometimes find it difficult to stay within the lines and frames of the page, these coloring pages allow for filling simple and clean areas, which also makes it possible for younger kids to achieve magical results.

  • To paint a specific area of the painting, choose the color you want from the list on the left side of the page by clicking with the left mouse button, and then clicking the desired area of the page itself.
  • If you’ve already selected an area and then decide that you want to change its color, no problem. Select a new color from the color menu, and click the desired area again.
  • Note that you can switch between the 14 and 56 options display and the various color schemes that the site offers (192), depending on the age of the child and the desired level of accuracy.
coloring page website
After the page is ready and colored, you can print it, share it with your loved ones via the Share button, or save it to a folder on your computer with the save button. To complete this action you’ll have to create an account, but don’t worry, it’s quick easy, and most importantly free!
Note: If you and your children prefer to color in the pages with markers, paints, etc., that’s no problem! You can simply select the desired coloring page, skip the coloring steps of the guide, and print the page pressing the print button below.
coloring page website
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