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The Scratch Removal Guide For Almost Any Surface

 Scratches, whether deep or superficial, can make any surface look old and unsightly, and one wrong move is all it takes to make one. Luckily, there are quite a few simple fixes that can get scratches out of many different kinds of surfaces, and here are 7 of our favorite ones:
1. China Dinner Sets
There's nothing more frustrating than pulling out your fanciest china dinner set, only to find that they're all scratched up. However, there's no need to fret since you can make them all look as good as new with just some Barkeeper's Friend cleaning powder. Simply sprinkle some of the powder onto the scratch, and then use rubber gloves and a wet sponge to rub it in. When you're done, all you'll need to do is to wipe the area clean with some warm water.
2. Eyeglass Lenses
To get rid of any scratches that you might have on your spectacles, all you need is a little toothpaste. First of all, choose one that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals for whitening and that is non-abrasive. Then, rub toothpaste onto the lens in a circular motion, using a soft cloth or a cotton ball for about ten seconds, before rinsing with cold water. You might need to repeat the process for deep scratches.
3. Phone Screens
Toothpaste doesn't just work wonders for your glasses, but can also help get scratches out of your smartphone's screen as well. All you need to do is to rub a bit of toothpaste into the scratched surface using a ball of cotton for about ten minutes straight, before cleaning it off, and you should notice quite a difference. Vegetable oil and baking soda have also been found to work in place of toothpaste when using this fix.
4. Leather Items
To get rid of any scratches that have set into your leather belongings, take some baby oil or vegetable oil, and apply it to the scratched area by means of a cotton swab. Rub it into the area in circular motions, before allowing it to dry. Then, wipe off the oily residue with a clean cloth, and repeat the process if needed.
5. Patent Leather Shoes
If you notice a huge scratch on the surface of your patent leather shoes, then don't fret! Simply grab a jar of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, and rub it into the scratch with a cotton swab until it starts to fill in.
6. Plastic Surfaces
Scratched plastic surfaces, such as your car's dashboard, can easily be fixed by means of a hairdryer. First of all, you need to set your hairdryer to minimal power. Then, direct the stream of hot air along the length of the scratches. If the scratches are very deep, you may need to increase the temperature. When you're done, wait 10 to 15 minutes, before rubbing the surface with some car polish to finish the job.
7. Wooden Surfaces
Since wooden surfaces are so common at home, these types of scratches are probably the one's you'll come across the most frequently. Luckily, there's an easy solution to get rid of them - walnuts! Yes, apparently walnut shells, or even pecan shells, are able to fill in gaps in wooden furniture. Simply rub half a shell over the scratch and watch in amazement as the shell's 'meat' fills in the gap!
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