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13 Practical Secret Hiding Spots

 If you think that hiding your valuables in a safe or under your bed is a great idea, then think again. Professional burglars and safe-crackers know every trick in the book, which is why it's important to hide any valuables you own in intuitive hiding spots, particularly where you go abroad. Can't think of any? Well, since we doubt many burglars read our magazine, then here are a few practical ideas you should only share with people you trust:
1. Fake electrical outlets
2. Inside a diaper
3. Hidden compartments within a door


4. Inside a photo album
5. Inside seemingly full jars
6. Hidden compartments inside dining room chairs
7. Removable tiles in the bathroom
8. Inside plush toys
9. Underneath the trash bag
10. Behind a picture frame
11. Within a hollow pile of discs.
12. Sew a hidden compartment in the curtains
13. Underneath a plastic plant


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