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18 Edible Plants That Grow in Strange Ways

 While we're all used to seeing different kinds of foods on our plate each day, we often don't have any idea where a lot of it comes from or how it grows. Did you know that peanuts grow underground or that eggplants are technically berries? Well, now you do, so read on to learn about 18 edible plants that grow in some pretty neat and unusual ways.
1. The edible part of broccoli is actually its flower.
2. Pineapples grow in the center of these plants.
3. Capers are this plant's pickled flower buds.
4. This colorful plant produces edible quinoa seeds.
5. This tree's dried inner bark is where cinnamon comes from.
6. This is what wasabi looks like before it gets turned into a paste.
7. Because of the way they grow, eggplants are technically berries.
8. Dates grow in huge, pendulous clusters on certain palm trees.
9. Here's a couple of artichoke flowers in full bloom.
10. Not many people are aware of it, but peanuts actually grow underground.
11. Almonds grow on trees in fuzzy, wooden shells.
12. Much like bananas, papayas also grow on trees in clusters.
13. Asparagus grows straight up out of the earth.
14. This is what a peppercorn plant looks like.
15. Bizarrely, cashews grow outside of their fruit.
16. Kiwis grow on vines, in pretty much the same way that grapes do.
17. The saffron flower is actually bright purple.
18. Brussels sprouts grow on these stalks, completely above the ground.
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