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How to Make DIY Magic Erasers

 A magic eraser is one of the handiest cleaning tools you’ll ever be able to get your hands on, and this is because of its sheer versatility. They’re as great at cleaning computer keyboards as they are cleaning glass bake ware or even a pair of jeans. One major downside, however, is that they’re rather expensive.


Luckily, there is a method that you can use in order to create your very own magic eraser at home for a fraction of the price of a store-bought one. All you need to do is formulate the right cleaning mixture and get your hands on some inexpensive melamine sponges.

Melamine sponges are different from your average sponge because they are open-cell and microporous. In layman’s terms, this means that while they feel completely soft to the touch, they are actually incredibly abrasive and act upon surfaces in a very similar fashion to fine sandpaper. The result of this is that they are able to get at deeper, more intense stains than regular sponges or cloths can. Here’s how to make your very own magic erasers:

What you’ll need

•  Melamine sponge(s)

•  1 cup hot water (per sponge)

•  1 tbsp. baking soda (per sponge)

•  1 tsp. Borax (per sponge)

•  Bucket or bowl (depending on the number of sponges you’re making)


1. Fill the bucket or bowl you’re using with 1 cup of water per sponge.

2. Add the baking soda and Borax to the bucket or bowl according to the number of sponges you’re making, and stir in the ingredients until they have fully dissolved in the water.

3. Submerge the sponges in the solution and allow them to soak until they are fully saturated.

4. Squeeze out any excess moisture from the sponge or sponges and begin to clean!


The difference between DIY magic erasers and store-bought ones is that the former will only have their magical cleaning solution when you’re ready to clean, whereas the latter has solution built-in. Nevertheless, it’s only a small consideration to make when thinking about the amount of money you’ll save by making your own!


Content source: Tip Hero

Image sources: Tip Hero, Deposit Photos

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