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Photos Taken During Japan's Cherry Blossom Season

 Kristina Makeeva is a talented photographer from Moscow. One day, she and her friends, on a whim, bought tickets to Japan during the cherry blossom season – known as Hanami in Japanese. Japan is an absolutely amazing country, and during this time, it turns into a pink fairy tale. Below are some of the stunning photos that she took on her trip. To see more of her photos, you can visit her Instagram page.

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1. Near Himeji-jo Castle 
2. Hitachi Seaside Park 
3. Himeji-Jo Castle 
4. Tokyo, Asakusa
5. Nara
6. Kyoto, Gion 
7. Himeji-Jo Castle 
8. Tokyo, Chidoriga-fuchi 
9. Kyoto, Gion 
10. Kyoto
11. Hitachi Seaside Park 
12. Kyoto 

Source: boredpanda 


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