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What Could Be Cuter Than This Collection of Sweet Alpacas?

 Alpacas are among the loveliest creatures in the world. Native to South America - and different from their much larger long-eared cousins, the llamas - alpacas are known all over the globe for their uniquely charming characteristics. They may be inelegant, they may be clumsy, and not as conventionally beautiful as horses, but their endearing happy-go-lucky demeanor, fluffiness, and cute displays of affection have made them into my favorite animals. And I have a feeling I'm far from alone in admiring these adorable alpacas...
Let's be friends
Life is good today
Want to pet me?
Give me your lips!
I may be silly, but I'm such good fun
Look into my eyes
One day I'm gonna be big like papa
I'm fluffy, so fluffy...
alpacas, cute, animals, video
Hmmm...What will I do today?
Can we, can we? Please, mommy?
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H/T: boredpanda.com
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