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Breaking News on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

 March 14th, 2017: Today's News Headlines 

• Scotland Demands Independence Vote 
• New Walking Technology Offered to Wheelchair Users
• 14 Million Americans to Lose Health Insurance?
• ‘Boaty McBoatface’ Sees First Mission 
• Jailed Samsung Boss Retains Power


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On This Day
March 14th is known by some as Pi Day, due to the coincidence of the first three digits of the mathematical constant π and calendar date 3/14. Ultimate Pi Day would have been in the year 1592 (3.141592…). Did you know that today is also known as White Day in Korea and Japan? This is the day when females receive romantic gifts from males, since in that part of the world, on Valentine’s Day, it’s males who receive gifts from females.


Scotland’s Leader Demands New Independence Referendum 
The prospect of the dissolution of Great Britain returned yesterday (March 13th) as Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out her demands for a new independence referendum as a result of a disagreement about the UK’s relationship with the EU.

Blizzards Plague Northeastern U.S.A.
Snow started to blanket northeastern United States today as a winter storm packing blizzard conditions entered the region, causing public officials to remind people to stay at home while airlines grounded flights and schools canceled classes.
New Exoskeleton Technology Allows Wheelchair Users to Walk
​This new modular ‘plug and play’ exoskeleton designed for easy transportation can be clipped apart to allow wheelchair users to walk short distances.
14 Million People to Lose Health Insurance by 2018, Says CBO
​The independent Congressional Budget Office projects that the new Paul Ryan-led Healthcare plan will cut the budget deficit by $337 billion, while leading to millions of people without health insurance.
New UK Yellow Submarine Christined “Boaty McBoatface”! 
A recent public vote to name a UK polar research ship backfired when the joke name won. Instead of giving the name to the ship, the government chose this unmanned submarine instead.
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