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These Metropolitan Sunsets Will Take Your Breath Away

 Sunsets are among God's greatest gifts to the world. Yet, while we often prefer to find a remote location to enjoy these spectacular natural wonders, cities actually provide an amazing backdrop for dusk's beautiful red, orange, and pink lights. Here are 23 of the world's most celebrated cities, bathed in the rosy glow of sunset.

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1. Paris (France)
2. San Francisco, California (USA)
3. Prague (Czech Republic)
4. Seoul (South Korea)
5. Istanbul (Turkey)
6. Miami, Florida (USA)
7. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
8. Sydney (Australia)
9. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
10. Vienna (Austria)
11. Toronto (Canada)
12. Barcelona (Spain)
13. Cape Town (South Africa)
14. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
15. Rome (Italy)
16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
17. Bangkok (Thailand)
18. Brussels (Belgium)
19. Oslo (Norway)
20. London (United Kingdom)
21. Marrakesh (Morocco)
22. Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)
23. Jerusalem (Israel)
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