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Dog Breeds Have Changed Over the past 100 years

 Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. Although we can only hazard a guess as to what our pets looked like in the beginning, we can easily compare them with dogs that lived 100 years ago. In a relatively short period of time (evolution wise), due to man’s obsession with creating the perfect canine, some dog breeds have changed beyond recognition over the course of 100 years.


Here we shall take a look at how 12 different breeds of dogs have changed over the past century due to human influences.

1. English Bulldog
Dogs - Changed - Past Century
This dog has become more muscular and stocky. The chest has become wider, the legs are shorter and the face is flatter now. To add to this, the Bulldog has more excess skin on its body. Unfortunately, the modern day bulldog suffers from many different health issues, and the average lifespan is just over 6 years.
2. Boxer
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

The Boxers’ faces are shorter and more upturned now. The proportions of the body have slightly changed too – they are more slender and their ears are a lot bigger.

3. Bull Terrier
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

The skulls of these dogs have changed drastically over the past century – the face is shorter and the jaw has become quite a bit larger. Their bodies are now lower and considerably stockier.

4. Basset Hound
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

The body of the Basset Hound is lower now as the hind legs are shorter. The face, just like the legs, has shortened, and the skin has more folds. The ears are also a lot longer now.

5. Irish Setter
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

This breed has barely changed much over the last 100 years. They have just become a bit thinner and lighter, and they have longer and thicker fur now.

6. West Highland White Terrier
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

The fur is a lot thicker and longer now. Furthermore, the snout and the ears have become a bit shorter.

7. Doberman Pinscher
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

These dogs have shrunk in size and their head is a lot smoother now. They are also not as violent as they used to be.

8. Saluki (Persian Greyhound)
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

These dogs have become much taller and thinner. Now they have very thin and long legs. Furthermore, they now have longer ears.

9. German Shepherd
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

German Shepherds have increased in size, and their fur has become thicker and longer. Their skeleton has changed over time: now the croup is lower and the chest is wider.

10. RottweilerDogs - Changed - Past Century

Modern day Rottweilers are black in color with reddish-brown patches on their face, lower part of the chest and on the legs. Their fur is coarser now, and their tails are not usually docked anymore.
11. Airdale Terrier
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

This breed hasn’t changed that much apart from the fact that they have become furrier and their face has elongated slightly.

12. Dachshund
Dogs - Changed - Past Century

Nowadays, these dogs have a longer body and face and a slightly wider chest. The hind legs are much shorter.


Source: brightside 

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