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Satisfy Your Curiosity About Plant and Animal Domestication

Calling all curious minds and explorers of the earth! Come satisfy your curiosity about the domestication and evolution of animals and plants. In this series, you'll learn the differences between tamed and domesticated animals, how come some species are fit for domestication while others aren't (wouldn't it be rad to have a pet Koala?) and what domesticated plants looked like in the past. You'll even learn of the subtle changes we went through over the eons and the remaining signs of our past you can detect on your very own body right this instant. Let's dive in!


Why Don't Humans Ride Zebras?
First of all, what exactly are domesticated animals, and how do they differ from tamed ones? What does it take to domesticate a species of animals? And the most pressing question of them all: will we ever be able to ride a bear, or, say... grow a pet sloth?
How Animals Looked Like Before We Bred Them
Every species on earth (even plants and vegetation) goes through evolution and natural selection. But it's no secret that we humans took a big part in manipulating that process for many species, harnessing their good traits to our favor. What did they look like before all that?
The Geography of Livestock
Now that you've got a little background and a deeper understanding of domestication, you're probably eager to know more about the specific details, such as when we started domesticating, where it started, and how? Here you'll learn some terms about the domestication of farm animals. 
A Hypothesis on How We Domesticated the Horse
As we gradually move further into the series, I'd like to zoom in on some specific animals and their history of domestication. You probably noticed there wasn't much information regarding the domestication of horses in the previous video. Let's take a closer look at why that is the case. 
How We Domesticated Cats
If you've ever met a cat, even just once in your entire life, you'll probably agree with me on this one- the adjective "domesticated" isn't really fit to describe them. Still, they aren't very much like other wild cats. Learn the differences in this educational video. 
How We Domesticated Dogs
Did you know that all dogs (yes, even the tiny and dainty Shih Tzu) are descendants of the wild wolf? Did you ever wonder who initiated this great friendship between man and dog? And how long did it take to break the ice? The answers will surprise you. 
How Food Looked Like Before We Domesticated It
Wait, is this serious? Yes, this is an actual fact of life: the carrot as you know it is a relatively new edition of the original one designed by Mama nature. Wait until you see what corn looked like before we swooped in and gave it a make-over...
Signs of Evolution on Your Body
Next up in line is you, buddy. At the beginning of the series, we learned how domestication, evolution, and natural selection are all tightly intertwined, and humans obviously went through some changes as well. This process left us with some "scars." Look for them on your own body!
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