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Important! When Is It Time to Go to the ER?

When something goes wrong with our bodies or with the bodies of our loved ones, we are often at a loss to know the next step. Emergency rooms are flooded with confused patients. Some, on the other hand, don't go to the emergency room at all, prefering to 'wait and see' if their condition improves.

This is why the information we bring you here is so important. It names and explaines which conditions should have you get an immediate ride to the hospital, and which don't require you to go because there's very little they'll be able to do for you there other than let you rest. 

(To see the infographic in FULL SIZE, just Click Here or on the image, and then click it again in the new window that will open. If you want to save the image, we recommend opening the full sized image first)

infographic ER

Infographic courtesy of: inforgraphicsarchive.com

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