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Those Cunning Animals...


There is an age old discussion about whether dogs and cats and other animals can really think for themselves, or are they just blindly following the instructions of their own reflexes and instincts? Well, we're not really qualified to answer that question. What we ARE qualified to do, is to present you with some really fun videos about animals being smartypants! 

Look over there!

The old bait and switch may be a favorite among human kids, but you don't see it that often among animals. Human owners know that in order to get a dog to leave something of interest, you need to present them with something new. It seems that this doggie has learned the lesson itself, and uses the ball to distract the other dog from the coveted bone.



Cat Surfer

This cat had to have known that the board would move on water, otherwise the dog would have gotten him. Instead, the smart kitty just surfed his way to other side like a king on his boat, leaving a shocked dog on the other side.


Team Play

This seagull fell for the oldest trick in the book. One coming at you from the rear, one from the front, you can't protect your food from both sides. Next time, he will probably just fly away with it!

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