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How to Train Your Cat - A Video Guide

 Did you know that it's possible to train cats, just like it is to train dogs? The methodology might be somewhat different, but the end results are just as satisfying. Whether you want to stop your cat from biting, teach a kitten to use a litter box, or even get your feline friend to do tricks, this video guide has it all.


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Litter Training a Kitten

Some kittens need a little help when it comes to learning how to use the litter box. If your kitten isn't using its litter box, this video will teach you what to do.

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Train a Kitten to Play Nice

Many behaviors we consider aggressive in mature cats are developed when they're still kittens. This video will show you how to teach your kitten to play without getting too aggressive.

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Train Your Cat to Come When Called

Sometimes you just want your cat to come over. It may be because you want to pet it, or because you want to keep it away from something. Either way, this video will help you train your cat to come when you call it.

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Teach a Cat to Touch Your Hand

When you move your hand towards a cat, it might interpret it as play or aggression, and react in an unpleasant fashion. This will teach you how to stop this behavior and get your cat used to your hands.

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Teach a Cat to Enjoy Belly Rubs

Sometimes your kitty lies on its back in a way that seems to beg you to rub their belly, only to lash out at you once you try it. However, with a little guidance, both you and your cat can enjoy a session of belly-rubbing without being afraid.

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Stop a Cat from Scratching & Biting

If your cat is behaving in an aggressive manner towards you or other people, it's time to correct this behavior.

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Stop a Cat from Scratching Furniture

Many cat owners complain about ruined furniture. Many of their cats have trauma from being yelled at. There's an easy way to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture.

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Teach a Cat to Walk on a Leash

If you want to take your cat with you, then it will need to learn to walk on a harness or a leash.

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Teach a Cat to Play Fetch

If you thought only dogs play fetch, you'll be surprised to learn that cats can be taught this fun game too.

Cat care guides from Jason Galaxy, cat behaviorist:

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The Best and Worst Ways to Train a Cat

Squirt bottle? Noisy can of coins? How about treats? Learn what's the best way to train a cat.

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How to Feed Your Cat

The way you feed your cat will affect its behavior. By learning the correct way to feed your feline, you'll improve your relationship, as well as your cat's health.

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Introducing a New Cat to the Home

If you decide to expand your family to include another cat, then you should know what's the correct approach to introducing the newest member of the family to its relatives.

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How to Pet a Cat

Did you know that there is a right way, and a wrong way, to pet a cat? Knowing how to show your kitty affection is a great way to strengthen your bond.

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How to Tell Your Cat You Love It

The most important part of cat communication: Knowing how to say "I LOVE YOU".


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