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The 10 Most Modern Tanks in the World

 The first ever tank emerged on the battlefield in 1916, during the first World War. The name “Tank” came from the secretive fashion in which the British were manufacturing their tanks – different parts were constructed in various factories, and workers were told they were building water tanks.

In the 21st-century, the Main Battle Tank (MBT) has become an extremely sophisticated machine, with incredible firepower. These ten tanks are the most modern MBTs you can find on the battlefield, in no particular order.

AMX-56 Leclerc

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: France
  • Main armament: 120mm L52 smooth bore autoloader
  • Top speed: 72km/h (45mp/h)
  • Cost: $12.9 million

The Leclerc sports a crew of 3, without the need for a loader, as well as modular composite armor. The tank’s autoloader gives it a faster rate of fire than most other MBTs on the field. It enjoys much of its power thanks to a 1,500hp engine and hydropneumatic suspension and is the most expensive tank in the world.


C1 Ariete

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: Italy
  • Main armament: 120mm L44 smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 65km/h (40mp/h)
  • Cost: $7 million

The C1 Ariete is the Italian Army’s main battle tank. It is equipped with a large optical and digital-imaging, as well as fire-control systems, which enable it to operate in both day and nighttime, as well as fire on the move. Its armor is a steel composite blend, similar to the British Challenger 2 and the America A1 Abrams.


Challenger 2

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: United Kingdom
  • Main armament: 120mm L30A1 rifled gun
  • Top speed: 59km/h (38mp/h)
  • Cost: $6.9 million

One of the slowest MBTs in the world, it can still take a serious beating. It has the best armor than any other tank and has never been destroyed by enemy fire. There is a story about a Challenger in Iraq that was hit by 70(!) RPGs and survived.


K2 Black Panther

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: South Korea
  • Main armament: 120mm L55 smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 70km/h (42mp/h)
  • Cost: $8.5 million

The K2 uses the same main gun as the German Leopard 2. It has some of the most advanced fire-control systems, allowing it to automatically track and engage vehicle-size targets. It is one of the only MBTs in the world capable of shooting down helicopters.


Leopard 2

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: Germany
  • Main armament: 120mm Rheinmetall L55 smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 72km/h (45mp/h)
  • Cost: $5.74 million

One of the best tanks in the world, the Leopard 2 is equipped with the same type of gun as the M1 Abrams. It is battle-proven, seeing action in Kosovo and Afghanistan.


M1A2 Abrams

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: USA
  • Main armament: 120mm L44 smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 67km/h (41mp/h)
  • Cost: $8.58

The M1 Abrams entered service in 1980 and has only seen action in the 1991 Gulf War. It is the principal main battle tank of the United States and has been also sold to Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Australia.


Merkava Mark IV

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: Israel
  • Main armament: 120mm smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 64km/h (40mp/h)
  • Cost: $6 million

The IMI Merkava IV is one of the most armored tanks in the world, with an unusual design, where the engine is in the front of the tank, providing the crew with added protection and increased survivability. The added space allows the Merkava to carry troops or cargo, and can even carry ten soldiers if the ammo is unloaded. While it’s not the most agile of the modern tanks, it is both battle-prove and enjoys cutting-edge systems, such as the IMI “Wind Jacket” – a system that can detect and intercept projectiles, and a firing system that can track and engage helicopters.



Modern Tanks
  • Made in: Russia
  • Main armament: 125mm smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 65km/h (40mp/h)
  • Cost: $4 million

The T-90 is based on one of Russia’s most successful tanks ever – the T-72. While not as sophisticated as its western rivals, the T-90 has proven to be very cost-effective. At this time, it is the most commercially successful MBT in the world.

Type 10

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: Japan
  • Main armament: 120mm L44 smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 70km/h (42mp/h)
  • Cost: $11 million

The Type 10 entered service in 2012 and is considered to be the most advanced MBT in the world. It enjoys impressive mobility, at the expense of its protection level.


Type 99

Modern Tanks
  • Made in: China
  • Main armament: 125mm smooth bore gun
  • Top speed: 80km/h (50mp/h)
  • Cost: $2 million

The People’s Republic’s MBT takes much of its influence from the Russian T-80 and German Leopard 2. Its actual effectiveness has never been tested in the field, and experts in the West suspect that it is somewhat exaggerated.

H/T: acidcow.com
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