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12 Famous Ballet Performances You Can Watch Right Now

The ballet is a celebration of culture, capable of telling complex stories with nothing but music and movement, without having a single word uttered. We have collected 14 modern and classical ballet shows that will provide you and your friends with hours of dancing along to classical music, for free, direct viewing. From The Nutcracker to Swan Lake, you’ll find ballets here that even your kids will enjoy.


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The Nutcracker

This may be one of the most famous ballet performances of all. Young Clara joins her nutcracker soldier into an imaginary world where toys come to life and battle the house mice. The rich colors of the set and costumes, along with the familiar tune turn this performance into a true celebration.

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Don Quixote

Brave Don Quixote, a symbol of hopeless battles is a noteworthy and charming story. Directed by renowned choreographer Alexei Ratmansky, and performed in honor of the 2014 Ballet Day by the famous Dutch National Ballet.

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The Paris Philharmonic Orchestra, along with the Paris National Ballet group proudly perform this classic tale of Cinderella and her glass slipper. Like a true fairy tale, this show is rife with humor and hilarious moments.

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Peter Pan

Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the Lost Boys fly over the stage in this charming rendition of the J. M. Barrie story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up. The Milwaukee Ballet group produces a spectacular rendition of all of your favorite characters – from Captain Hook to Nana, the family dog.

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Jewels is an original show by the Paris Ballet and Opera House about jewelry, with choreography by George Balanchine. It was first performed in 2005, and each one of the three movements representing a different gem (Emeralds, Rubies, and Diamonds) and consists of different music and style.

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The story of Dr. Coppelius, a mysterious inventor that creates a human-sized dancing doll. The doll is so lifelike that young Franz becomes so infatuated with it that he abandons his true love, Swanhilde. Thus begins a long journey, cumulating in a huge surprise on the wedding day.

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Romeo and Juliet

A modern take on the classical Shakespearian story of Romeo and Juliet and performed in 2012 by the prestigious Suzhou Ballet Theatre in China. The performance brings a new twist to the story with modern ballet elements and spectacular sets.

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Sleeping Beauty

The elaborate sets and costumes, along with the many performers make this performance a unique experience.

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La Bayadere

Marius Petipa, the famous French choreographer, created La Bayadère (The Temple Dancer), a story about the mysteries of India, and the impossible love story between the holy dancer Nikiya and the Warrior Solor. The most famous part of the performance called “The Kingdom of the Shades” is considered to be the hardest act for any ballerina to perform.

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2011 Mardid Ballet Gala

In 2011, the Madrid Ballet group performed a special gala, which included routines from some of the most famous ballets in the world. Most of the dancing pieces are original versions, and some are a modernized version of classical performances, so don’t be surprised if you recognize some of them.

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Swan Lake

Finally, the 4 acts masterpiece by Tchaikovsky that tells the story of Baudette, a princess cursed by an evil magician and turned into a swan. This performance by the Paris Ballet Group has taken both viewers and critics by storm, and will surely provide you with much joy.


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