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What Is Chewing Gum Made Of?

In the distant past, people grew all the foods they ate and made many of the household items they used themselves. They knew that the bread they ate was made of pure wheat or rye, that their pots and bowls were made of clay, and their pillows were stuffed with goose or chicken feathers. As society grew and expanded, we became less aware of all these details.
Today, we often have no idea how the items that we use every day were manufactured… For example, do you know what chewing gum is made of? Most people don’t, which is a real shame, as many of the products we use all the time have a fascinating manufacturing process. Here are 10 cool examples.

1. Although the recipe of Coca-Cola is a secret, the main ingredient in the popular drink is the kola nut, native to West Africa.

before and after manufacturing Coca-Cola

2. The raw material made to produce chewing gum is a liquid extracted from trees like the Jelutong or the Percha.

before and after manufacturing chewing gum

3. Plastic-based brooms are often made by reusing recycled plastic bottles.

before and after manufacturing brooms

4. Somewhat confusingly, most potato chips are actually not made of sliced potatoes. Instead, companies mix potato flakes and corn starch into a dough, and then mold the dough into chips.

before and after manufacturing potato chips

5. We usually buy nutmeg in powder form, but the delicious spice is actually made from a nut native to Southeast Asia. Fun fact: the aril of the nutmeg nut has a bright red color. 

before and after manufacturing nutmeg

6. The base for any mirror is a regular piece of glass. The glass is coated in a series of reflective and protective coatings that then turn it into a mirror.

before and after manufacturing mirror

7. While we're all aware water jug bottles are made of plastic, it might be interesting for you to know that gallon jugs begin their lives as small tubes that are heated up and inflated into their final shapes.

before and after manufacturing water jugs

8. Like the recipe for Coca-Cola, the ingredients of lava lamps are kept secret. The two known ingredients are paraffin and oil. When the contents of the lamp are heated, the wax parts start moving around in the oil base.

before and after manufacturing  lava lamps

9. Cashews are delicious and nutritious, but technically speaking, they're not nuts. Much like peaches or plums, cashews are drupes, also known as "stone fruits." The fruit and the exterior shell of the stone are discarded, and the inside of the stone is dried and turned into the cashew we know and love.

before and after manufacturing Cashews

10. Nail polish is a recent invention. Most nail polishes are made of nitrocellulose, a highly flammable liquid that's mixed with tiny cotton filaments.

before and after manufacturing nail polish
Source of all images: Brightside/Izismile
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