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Find the House of Your Dreams with Dubai's Premier Luxury Real Estate Agency

Introducing The Pinnacle of Luxury Real Estate Agencies in Dubai for Your Dream Residence

AX CAPITAL stands as the epitome of luxury real estate agencies in Dubai, offering an extensive array of services to prospective buyers and investors. Boasting a seasoned team of over 400 professionals hailing from 40 diverse nationalities, fluent in 30 languages, and with access to a database of 5,000 properties, AX CAPITAL delivers comprehensive support to those seeking buy-to-live, buy-to-rent, or holiday homes in the UAE. They have forged alliances with 70 reliable developers and successfully finalized 2,500 transactions worth USD 2 billion (AED 7.35 billion) in 2021 alone. Moreover, they leverage cutting-edge technology solutions and provide in-depth knowledge of the UAE market to ensure their clients receive the finest advice and information when navigating prestige real estate agency in Dubai.

Service Spectrum
AX Capital assists clients in legally purchasing or renting properties in Dubai. The firm offers industry analysis and financial advice related to property management. They gather public and developer data. AX Capital's UAE real estate lawyers provide counsel. Their expert team addresses UAE buy-to-rent, buy-to-live, and holiday home inquiries.
AX Capital boasts approximately 400 real estate specialists and a portfolio of 5,000 Dubai properties, encompassing apartments, villas, and commercial spaces. Over 70 esteemed developers offer off-plan apartments in Dubai's most sought-after neighborhoods as permanent partners. They present their clients with multiple opportunities for investing in their dream home or rental property.
In 2021, AX Capital finalized 2,500 contracts worth $2 billion (AED 7.35 billion). They stand as one of Dubai's leading agents for finding your dream home or investment opportunity.

Team and Proficiency
With a team of over 400 real estate professionals, a CRM system, and access to UAE government and developer data, AX Capital offers a multitude of services. 30 different language experts collaborate. They can provide advice on cross-cultural property matters. Clients receive market information and legal support from the team's industry expertise. They offer financial guidance for opening UAE bank accounts and handling paperwork.
In addition to property sales and rentals, AX Capital offers financial advice. They finalized 2,500 contracts for AED 7.35 billion this year. New property sales platforms and VR/AR marketing applications are also part of their offerings. AX Capital's proficiency in Dubai's real estate market aids clients in finding their ideal home or UAE investment opportunity.

Property Choices
AX Capital clients can select from off-plan Dubai residences and existing development projects. Luxury features, prime locations, and budget-friendly options can be customized for each client in these housing opportunities. These investments yield high financial returns. AX Capital collaborates with over 70 reputable developers to provide clients with the latest listing information. They can find an apartment, villa, or townhouse for any budget or lifestyle. Their understanding of the UAE market aids clients in making wise real estate investments.

Investment Prospects
UAE buy-to-live, buy-to-rent, and holiday homes can generate stable income with returns exceeding 10% per year. AX CAPITAL presents appealing opportunities in this area. The benefits of off-plan property investment and market value are outlined below.

Benefits Market Analysis
Off-plan properties present a promising advantage as they are predicted to produce considerable rental income rise in the coming years:
Advantages: Market Analysis
Off plan advantages: Rental yield is estimated to increase by 6% annually until 2024
Location benefits: High demand for luxury villas and apartments has caused prices to skyrocket over recent years
ROI estimation: Dubai's most sought after communities offer a return on investment up to 10% per annum

Successful Transactions
2021 saw 2,500 transactions worth $2 billion (AED 7.35 billion) carried out by AX CAPITAL. They negotiate and sell. Swift transactions signify customer satisfaction. Innovative property marketing and CRM solutions keep them at the forefront. AX CAPITAL has enhanced its closing procedures and customer service to provide clients with comprehensive information on their purchase or rental options. AX CAPITAL's database includes over 5,000 properties from 70 esteemed Dubai developers. They can provide advice on Dubai's most lucrative buy-to-live, buy-to-rent, and holiday property investments, which can yield returns above 10% per year. 

AX CAPITAL, a leading real estate brokerage, aids clients in maximizing their assets. They are unparalleled with over 400 professionals from 40 countries who speak 30 languages and access to over 5,000 properties. Clients can invest with 70 esteemed developers and buy-to-live, rent, or holiday homes. The agency finalized 2,500 contracts worth $2 billion (AED 7.35 billion) in 2021. Lastly, its innovative technological solutions provide clients with industry insights and experience in the UAE real estate market. Dubai's finest real estate services can be found at AX Capital.
Read more on the official website https://www.axcapital.ae

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