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8 Best Construction Project Management Software

8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Creating visions into reality involves more than just physical elements like concrete and stone; impeccable project coordination is critical. As a professional in the building sector, managing an array of responsibilities, timelines, and crews can seem like a monumental task.

Worry no more! In this article, we disclose the paramount solution to mastering construction ventures without difficulty. Prepare to boost your building projects and elevate them to impressive altitudes!

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8 Best Project Management Software for Construction

  • Monday.com – Best Construction Management Software Overall
  • ClickUp – Best for Billable Time Tag
  • Asana – Best for Bigger Picture Plannings
  • Wrike – Best for Integrations
  • Smartsheet – Best for Mobile Time Tracking
  • Zoho Projects – Best for Small and Growing Teams
  • Trello – Best for Cross-Platform Management
  • Teamwork – Best For Client-Facing Service Providers

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Monday.com – Best Construction Management Software Overall

Fees: Starting at $8/mo
Star rating: 4.9/5

Monday.com serves as a widely favored construction management software, appealing to teams ranging from small to large scale due to its user-friendly interface and thorough task administration features. If one is seeking robust project management capabilities, then Monday.com emerges as an excellent software selection courtesy of these functionalities.


  • User-friendly project management tools
  • Intuitive dashboard for collaboration
  • Extensive library of integrations
  • Numerous pre-built workflows


  • Non-customized software for construction purposes
  • High cost for multiple users
  • Reduced focus on pure document management

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Project performance dashboard for tracking progress, payments, spending, and timelines
  • Built-in marketing tools with CRM and lead generation tracking
  • Customizable workflows tailored for the construction sector
  • Integration library with ready-made connections to Outlook, Dropbox, Slack, Gmail, and Zapier

Plans & Pricing

  • Individual: You’re entitled to two complimentary seats.
  • Basic: The optimal choice for compact groups is tagged at $8 per member each month, on a yearly billing scheme.
  • Standard: The pricing stands at $10 monthly for each user, charged annually, and it's advocated for proficient task handling.
  • Pro: The expense involved in availing this service stands at $16 per user each month, with an alternative to opt for yearly invoicing.
  • Enterprise: Should your company require assistance in handling and growing its workflow, it would be beneficial to reach out to Monday.com to discuss their cost structure.

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ClickUp – Best Construction Management Software for Billable Time Tag

8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Fee: Starting at $5/mo
Star rating: 4.7/5

Explore the unparalleled capabilities of ClickUp, a globally acclaimed productivity and construction project management software, used by proficient teams from diverse corporations. Take advantage of numerous remarkable features - all without any cost! Discover infinite opportunities in project coordination with ClickUp as your strategic partner.


  • Multiple automation options
  • Advanced task management
  • Robust features
  • Many perspectives available
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Over a thousand integrations
  • Forever-free plan
  • Simplify complex project management


  • Complex mobile app design
  • Daunting for newcomers
  • Time tracking issues
  • High costs for small businesses

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Map view: Invaluable for every contractor, the Map view provides a visual aid for determining the location of your subsequent work site and the best route to reach it.
  • Comments: Delegate tasks and distribute feedback among team members to ensure not even the smallest detail is overlooked, quite literally.
  • Custom Fields: Include additional columns for subcontractor details, project sites, budgets, and other relevant information.
  • Proofing: Examine submissions, information requests (RFIs), schematics, and estimations while providing feedback and updates on any visual representation.
  • Templates: Accelerate your working process by utilizing templates designed for client relationship management, construction projects, recording meeting minutes and architectural design.
  • Column Calculations: Use Formula Fields to compute estimates, purchase orders, quantities, and materials for builders.
  • Offline Mode: Maintain control over your projects, even when you lack internet access in the field.
  • Mobile Apps: Work together with colleagues on the work location through our available applications for iOS and Android.

best project management software for construction

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Forever: A chair that can be utilized by a person at absolutely no charge.
  • Unlimited: The perfect pricing model for smaller groups is $5 monthly per member, billed annually.
  • Business: The yearly invoice per individual stands at $12, making this pricing strategy perfect for businesses of intermediate scale.
  • Business Plus: For numerous groups, the optimal choice is accessible at a rate of $19 per member monthly, billed on an annual basis.
  • Enterprise: If you're managing a sizable team, it's advisable to get in touch with ClickUp for pricing details.

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Asana – Best Construction Management Software for Bigger Picture Planning

8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Fee: Starting at $13.49/mo
Star rating: 4.3/5

Asana represents a flexible tool for managing construction projects, not strictly confined to the construction industry but highly effective for ventures of considerable scale. It provides various perspectives such as Gantt diagrams, calendars, and Kanban dashboards which aid in extended planning and managing several tasks simultaneously. 

The Objectives function supports clear long-range strategy formulation while the analytical feature assists with progress monitoring and prediction. Users value having the capability to construct and monitor multi-year endeavors as they happen live. However, there are concerns over its affordability factor as well as some users' perception that functionality does not always correspond with cost.


  • Various project tracking methods: Gantt, Kanban, and calendar
  • Advanced process automation
  • Visual workload monitoring
  • Flexible pricing based on team size


  • Non-customized software for construction use
  • Ideal for intricate projects
  • More integrations with higher-tier plans

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Use calendar view to handle deadlines efficiently
  • Assign project permissions to team members and clients
  • Incorporate custom fields for specific project requirements
  • Utilize board view for Agile project management

Plans & Pricing

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best project management software for construction

Wrike – Best Construction Management Software for Real-Time Data and Analytics

best project management software for construction

Fee: Starting at $9.80/mo
Star rating: 4.3/5

Wrike presents a robust platform for managing construction projects, addressing specific demands distinct to this sector. Encompassing an array of functionalities and tools, the software empowers users in overseeing all elements of their project – from financial planning to timeline setting, resource distribution, and fostering team cooperation. 

Customized workflows and task lists can be effortlessly constructed while assigning duties becomes seamless; monitoring developments is made easy too. This positions Wrike as the perfect answer for occupied construction directors who are tasked with balancing several projects at once.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
  • Free plan covers 5 users and 2GB storage


  • No accessible note-taking tool while working
  • Comments cannot be turned into tasks
  • Limited project tracking features (only Gantt charts)

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Thorough time tracking
  • Effective documentation and resource management
  • Personalized dashboards
  • @mentions for enhanced collaboration

Plans & Pricing

There are four cost options available for this project management application.

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Smartsheet – Best Construction Management Software for Mobile Time Tracking

8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Fee: Starting from $7/mo
Star rating: 3/5

Smartsheet serves as a flexible platform for managing tasks and projects, particularly catering to construction initiatives of every scale. It simplifies the entire process tied with the construction project lifecycle, offering ready-made solutions, templates and tailored options. 

This enables teams to work in unison, oversee project prerequisites and handle documentation efficiently. The program provides features such as dashboards, portals, cost computation tools, forms and reporting functions which makes it an all-inclusive tool for managing construction projects effectively.


  • Planning and scheduling for projects
  • Personalizable dashboards
  • Pre-made templates


  • The activity log is complex to comprehend
  • Users desire a simpler method for permissions and sharing setup

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Ready-made solutions
  • Construction project templates
  • Tailored options for preconstruction, safety, field operations, resources, quality, and reporting
  • Tools for teamwork
  • Tracking project requirements
  • Centralized attachment-enabled documentation management

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: There are no charges for a single user and a pair of editors.
  • Pro: At a cost of $7 per user per month (charged yearly), this is ideal for teams that have an unlimited number of viewers.
  • Business: $25 per user per month (annual billing), ideal for projects with unrestricted editors.
  • Enterprise: Ideal for extensive groups; please reach out to Smartsheet to inquire about the cost.

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Zoho Projects – Best Construction Management Software for Small and Growing Teams

8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Fee: Starting from $5/mo
Star rating: 3.9/5

Zoho Projects serves as a construction management software accessible via the cloud, tailored specifically to meet the requirements of small to medium-sized firms in the construction sector. Its intuitive interface and extensive functionalities enable construction crews to proficiently strategize, implement, and monitor their projects from inception to completion.


  • Excellent value in premium plans
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient time-tracking features


  • Free plan excludes templates
  • Limited storage with free option
  • Complex resource management view

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Timesheets and Billing
  • Resource Allocation
  • Gantt Charts
  • Task Management
  • Document Management

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: Free of charge, per user, each month.
  • Premium: $5 per member per month.
  • Enterprise: $10 per member per month.

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Trello – Best Construction Management Software for Cross-Platform Management

8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Fee: Starting from $5/mo
Star rating: 3.6/5

In the realm of managing construction projects, Trello can serve as an invaluable tool. It's capable of monitoring the advancement of a project, overseeing deadlines and sharing key documents such as blueprints. It aids in orchestrating material procurement plans, arranging inspections and fostering seamless communication among construction workforces, contract parties and invested stakeholders.


  • Receive smart automation advice from your repetitive actions
  • Enhance board functions with add-ons
  • Works across platforms and in the cloud
  • Supported for team collaboration
  • Cross-platform support


  • Unreliable for detailed reporting
  • Customer reviews highlight support accessibility issues
  • Lacks built-in time tracking
  • Unsuitable for intricate projects

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Visual interface for ease of use
  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Task assignment functionality
  • Integration capabilities
  • Mobile applications

Plans & Pricing

  • Free: No cost for your entire team.
  • Standard: Optimal for compact groups, charged yearly at a rate of $5 per member each month.
  • Premium: At a rate of $10 per user per month (invoiced yearly), this is ideal for teams managing numerous projects.
  • Enterprise: At $17.5 per user each month, billed yearly, this is the ideal solution for businesses looking to bridge communication gaps between teams.

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Teamwork – Best Construction Management Software for Client-Facing Service Providers

8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Fee: Starting from $9.99/mo
Star rating: 3.3/5

Teamwork emerges as a fitting software solution for managing construction projects, tailored to address the distinct requirements and obstacles inherent in the construction sector. Endowed with potent functionalities and an intuitive interface, Teamwork enables teams within the construction realm to work together efficiently, simplify procedural flow, and guarantee a triumphant project outcome.


  • Paid plans offer unlimited collaborators
  • Free version is accessible
  • All plans include a free 30-day trial
  • Unlimited clients supported
  • Ample storage on paid plans
  • Budget tracking available
  • Invoicing and client-management features included


  • Limited integrations
  • Basic free plan
  • Higher cost than most rivals
  • Few security features in lower levels

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

  • Task & Project Management
  • Document Sharing & Management
  • Gantt Charts & Timelines
  • Resource Planning
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Risk Management

Plans & Pricing

  • Free Forever: Free for a maximum of 5 users.
  • Deliver: $9.99 per user per month (annual billing), ideal for fundamental project management
  • Grow: Optimal for intricate tasks, at a cost of $17.99 per user on a monthly basis, with yearly billing.
  • Scale: For a personalized plan, reach out to Teamwork for cost details.

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Our Ranking Methodology for the Best Project Management Software for Construction

We carried out an in-depth evaluation of over a dozen top-tier programs designed for contractors, scrutinizing hundreds of data elements to finalize our compilation of the best construction management software for construction firms. 

Some are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of large general contractors tasked with managing multiple projects, subcontractors and clients concurrently. Meanwhile, others are more fitting for small enterprises providing niche construction services.

Our focus was on identifying criteria that held paramount importance to all contractors like user-friendliness, recurrent costs (monthly or yearly), and features uniquely catered towards construction work. 

Every software we have incorporated provides mobile applications enabling you to oversee your projects and teams whether you're at an onsite location or within office premises. They include financial tools aimed at assisting with bids and proposals as well as integrations with pre-existing financial and invoicing software systems that may already be in use by your business.

Here are several data points we assessed to rank the software.


In terms of cost evaluation, we looked into the initial pricing scheme of the software and the provision of a complimentary trial period. Businesses that are transparent about their prices were favored more in our assessment compared to those necessitating completion of a customer interest form or contacting a sales division.


In our evaluations, we not only highlighted functionalities beneficial to microenterprises but also maintained uniformity in our assessments by seeking out these universal attributes for each supplier: bid coordination, schedules, software amalgamations, dependencies, proposal governance and user-friendly mobile applications.

Moreover, we examined distinctive offerings from every supplier including monetary tools, safety supervision systems, tender management solutions and support for building information modeling along with client liaison utilities. 

Taking into account the real-world experiences of actual software users was deemed crucial. We scrutinized customer feedback about their encounters with construction management softwares on platforms including Capterra and Trustpilot. Suppliers who received a favorable reception (a minimum rating of 3.5 out of 5) on these platforms were accorded higher ratings in our review process.

Expert analysis

With the insights gathered as mentioned previously, our evaluators developed a scoring methodology that factors in supplemental criteria from consumer feedback. These include user-friendliness, any distinguishing characteristics, popularity, and cost-effectiveness.

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Best Project Management Software for Construction - Buyer’s Guide

What Is Construction Management Software?

Software for managing construction projects is a specific digital resource formulated to simplify and enhance the planning, coordination, implementation, and supervision of construction endeavors. It serves as a unified system that allows project leaders, building crews, stakeholders, and clients to cooperate effectively during all stages of the project.

This software incorporates numerous capabilities such as arranging tasks in order of priority, distributing resources efficiently, managing budgets meticulously; providing tools for sharing documents and communication. 

By leveraging such software meant explicitly for construction project management purposes—teams can boost their productivity levels significantly. This will subsequently reduce potential delays or interruptions while keeping costs under control so that they can maintain high quality standards consistently thus enabling them to complete successful projects punctually without exceeding their budgets.

Why Use Construction Project Management Software?

There are several compelling reasons for utilizing construction management software in the industry:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The program optimizes different project procedures, mechanizes monotonous duties, and consolidates project information. This enhancement in efficiency culminates in expedited project finalization, diminished hold-ups, and amplified productivity.
  • Improved Collaboration: Live interaction platforms and features that allow sharing of documents enable team members to work together smoothly, no matter their geographical location. This promotes superior communication, minimizes the chance of confusion, and guarantees everyone shares a common understanding.
  • Effective Resource Allocation: The program aids those managing projects in enhancing the distribution of resources by monitoring tools, supplies, and workforce. This guarantees the effective usage of resources, thereby reducing waste and preventing excessive spending.
  • Better Planning and Scheduling: Software designed for managing construction projects allows for precise planning and arranging of tasks, considering elements such as dependencies, crucial routes, and hazards. The result is the creation of achievable schedules and more efficient project implementation.
  • Transparent Reporting: The program offers comprehensive analyses and updates on different facets of the project, enabling interested parties to make educated choices and pinpoint sectors needing enhancement.
  • Cost Control: The software is pivotal in monitoring costs and contrasting them with set budgets, thus helping to avoid unnecessary expenditure. This financial management is vital for ensuring the economic success of construction projects.
  • Document Management: Maintaining project documentation in a digital format guarantees straightforward retrieval and diminishes the likelihood of misplacing vital data. This aids in adherence to rules and safeguards, facilitating smoother project evaluations.
  • Risk Mitigation: Software specifically designed for the management of construction projects helps in early detection and control of potential hazards. This enables the team to take preventive actions, thus diminishing the likelihood of conflicts and postponements in project timelines.
  • Client Satisfaction: By enhancing the visibility of the project and providing regular progress reports, customers' trust in the construction process is bolstered. This can cause greater levels of satisfaction and possibly an increased number of recommendations.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The software can handle tasks of varying magnitude, ranging from minor residential constructions to intricate infrastructure projects, which makes it a flexible and adjustable resource for the industry.

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Key Features of Construction Management Software

When selecting a software solution for managing construction projects, it's crucial to find one that seamlessly blends universal project management functions with features tailored to the construction industry. Here are eight elements you should not overlook during your comparative evaluation of different construction management software options:

Time Tracking and Scheduling

An ideal construction project management software would allow the user to arrange schedules for workers and monitor payable hours spent on tasks, directly through its interface. If a system is already in place, certain platforms might offer convenient integration with widely-used time-tracking and scheduling applications.

Estimate and Bid Management

It's probable that your squad will be engaged in tendering for numerous projects simultaneously while also collecting quotes from sub-contractors. These are often labeled as RFIs, an acronym for request for information. The usage of construction project management software enables the monitoring of these tenders and their related expenses to minimize the risk of inaccurate calculations and helps you keep abreast with deadlines.

Accounting and Financial Management

Initiating a project also demands meticulous monitoring of inventory expenses, billing the customer, and making certain the project remains within its financial boundaries. Premier construction management software provides these capabilities and even more through advanced accounting and fiscal management tools. The software should also offer synchronization with widely-used accounting platforms like QuickBooks for seamless operations.

Field Management

Monitoring your employees distributed over several work locations is a crucial function of construction-centric software. This entails scheduling maintenance sessions, organizing distribution, and establishing projected end dates. If you're thinking about using a more universally applicable project management tool, guarantee that it offers the on-site management features necessary for your construction endeavors.

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Mobile and Tablet Apps

For managing operations in the field, it's a rarity to see individuals firing up their laptops right at the job site. Hence, your pursuit should be for software equipped with robust mobile and tablet applications. This will provide flexibility for your managers and workforce to utilize them onsite.

Client and Contractor Access

Throughout the project's lifespan, there will come a time when both the clients and contractors need to utilize the software. However, it may not be necessary for them to view each minute detail. Implementing user permissions is an advantageous characteristic of construction project management software. In fact, certain platforms provide an exclusive portal for clients, thus providing them with a unique login experience.

Communication Tools

To optimize operations, seek out a construction management software that seamlessly combines messaging and communication features within its platform. Ideally, it should also provide compatibility with frequently used email services such as Outlook and Gmail, allowing for a centralized hub of all your email correspondences.

Document Management

Should your building construction management software feature document organizational functions, the stress of tracking down revised contracts or the most recent certifications and licenses will become a thing of the past. All such papers are conveniently stored in the program's database, enabling swift retrieval through a simple search function.

>> Monday.com - Project Management Software >>

How Does Project Management Software Work?

The functionality of construction management software varies greatly, influenced by factors such as the specific software chosen, its intended application, the implemented features, system user count, active linkages and a host of other elements.

In considering how to make your construction management software operate most effectively within your business context and how it might be used to boost operations in your company - this is where you should focus. For example:

  • Seek tools for managing complex projects within scope and budget
  • Require assistance in scheduling skilled and certified crews for time-sensitive projects
  • Explore software for customer relationship management and outbound marketing
  • Transition from manual document management to digital for improved workflow
  • Equip field crews with digital access to plans, drawings, and updates on mobile devices
  • Compile a checklist of necessary features to evaluate and choose suitable software
  • Gain a clearer understanding of software's functionality and benefits for your business

How To Choose the Best Construction Project Management Software

Keep in mind, for any contractor's project management software, the most vital aspects consist of accessibility, documentation control and user-friendliness. When selecting the ideal software package for your company, these are the first three features you should take into account.

In addition to those details, it's essential to discern whether you require only project management tools or if managing your business’s financial elements within a single software is preferred. Adhering strictly to project management features might lessen your monthly or yearly expenses but consider this only if there is an existing mechanism in place for tenders, propositions and billing practices.

Software integrations can aid in uniting previously used applications with your construction project management platform which could simplify procedures saving valuable time. Accounting systems integration as well as email and scheduling calendars would be among the most crucial ones.

As far as marketing strategies and client procurement functionalities are concerned – they're more like added perks than necessities. If you're employed by a general contractor that has a dedicated department handling outreach activities and pre-sales efforts then these may not be required at all. However, smaller ventures should ponder upon incorporating some of these tools when choosing their construction project management software solution.

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Best Project Management Software for Construction - Frequently Asked Questions

Which Software Is Used in Construction?

In executing their tasks, contractors might employ a range of digital tools. This can encompass project coordination applications, construction data visualization, tendering and forecasting programs, as well as software for billing and invoicing.

What Are Some Essential Features to Look For in Construction Project Management Software?

In choosing a software for managing construction projects, you must ensure it encompasses certain features. These include cost-effectiveness; a mobile application; capabilities to monitor your undertakings, covering elements such as estimates, proposals, and bids; tools for task supervision, project oversight and invoice regulation. 

It should provide ample space for storing documents and images; communication tools should be in place too. A complimentary trial or plan at no cost would also be advantageous.

Is Construction Project Management Software Secure?

When selecting top-tier construction management software, as with most software types, various security layers are crucial. Aspects such as two-factor or multifactor authentication (2FA or MFA), evidence of regular updates for security enhancements and fixes, mechanisms for detecting unauthorized entry, tracking user behavior, data ciphering and safeguarding privacy should be sought after in these programs.

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Bottom Line on Best Project Management Software for Construction

In today's fast-moving world of construction, the right project management tool can be the crucial element your business requires. After detailed analysis, we've pinpointed the industry leaders: Monday.com, known for its unparalleled flexibility, and ClickUp with its wide array of solutions specifically designed for construction.

For businesses that are smaller or medium-sized, Zoho Projects stands out due to its intuitive interface and customized functionalities. On the other hand, Teamwork asserts itself through effective teamwork features perfect for construction crews. 

Regardless of your project size or intricacies, these software selections promise to uplift productivity levels significantly while enhancing communication and ensuring the smooth running of projects. Harness technology's capability to address challenges in construction with precision. Make a wise investment in top-tier construction project management software today and watch your projects elevate toward unprecedented success.

>> Monday.com - Best for Project Management >>

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